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Do you dread late-night calls from tenants about backed-up sewage flooding your London properties? Blocked drains create costly damages and upset tenants, so at BlockBusters our drainage specialists answer emergency calls 24/7.

With state-of-the-art water jetting equipment and CCTV pipe inspection, we’ll rapidly locate the blockage and restore free flow. Contact our London drain experts today for responsive, affordable solutions that landlords trust.

Don’t Let Clogged Pipes Become Costly Liabilities

A clogged pipe or sewer line left untreated turns any property into a nuisance for tenants and liability for owners. Backed-up sinks, foul odours permeating walls, streams of waste flooding pristine floors – it’s every landlord’s nightmare. Blockages breed bacteria, damage infrastructure, and drive away good tenants fast.

Yet quality emergency drain service is scarce and expensive across London. Identifying underlying issues without comprehensive pipe inspection involves guesswork. While causes range from tree roots invading ageing sewer lines to wet wipes accumulating in narrow pipes, the outcomes remain the same – upset residents, expensive repairs, regulatory issues, and ultimately loss of rental income. BlockBusters has the technology and experience to tackle any drainage issue quickly and effectively.

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We’ll Solve Any Drainage Issue

From hairballs in bathroom sinks to collapsed sewer lines under five-story buildings, BlockBusters provides complete drainage solutions. Our team tackles any blocked drain dilemma with customised approaches for each unique situation:

  • High-powered water jetting blasts through years of grime and obstructions
  • CCTV pipe inspection guides targeted, precision repairs
  • Trenchless drain replacements minimise disruption
  • Hydro jetting extracts tough blockages
  • Custom drain treatment plans tackle tricky recurring clogs

Whether it’s roots invading your terraced house or flushable wipes flooding your converted warehouse, BlockBusters has the equipment, experience and urgency to solve it.

What Our Customers Have Said

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24/7 Emergency Assistance For Sewage Back-ups

Avoid the panic from middle-of-the-night calls about sewage flooding. Our dedicated around-the-clock emergency response teams are here for just such scenarios. We minimise flooding damage and tenant inconvenience no matter when overflows, back-ups or pipe bursts occur.

No More Tenant Complaints About Blocked Drains

We know how quickly a few clogged toilets can generate bad reviews and damage your

reputation. BlockBusters prevents this by rapidly responding to any issues before tenants complain to protect your good name. Our preventative maintenance also safeguards against problems arising and keeps your properties compliant with UK regulations, letting you focus on more rewarding aspects of managing your properties.

Preserve Your Property Value

A destroyed basement or masticated first floor from chronic clogs will tank the property value. BlockBusters leverages cutting-edge pipe inspection technology and rapid response teams to address severe blockages ASAP, significantly minimising any destruction to your asset. We’re invested in preserving the value and integrity of your property like it’s our own.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Balancing practical maintenance costs while meeting all drainage regulations can prove challenging. BlockBusters offers affordable pricing tailored to your budget and properties. Our transparent quotes and customisable maintenance plans help ensure your systems operate legally and cost-efficiently long-term, avoiding fines or faults.

Swift Action For Minimal Disruption

Blocked drains disrupt rental income and test tenant patience. BlockBusters promptly addresses any backed-up sink or sewer line to restore normal function fast. Our highly experienced engineers rapidly diagnose root causes while using non-invasive methods to minimise interference. We return your properties to a fully functioning state with limited interruption.

Proactive Pipe Maintenance

Minor drain issues rapidly turn into major problems when left unaddressed. BlockBusters stops this cycle through regular drainage inspections/maintenance, tackling problems before they jeopardise infrastructure or derail your budget. Our preventative care spares you stress, time and money down the line.

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Our Trusted Drain Unblocking Services for Landlords

Our years of handling the capital’s trickiest blockages speak for themselves. Vetted, reviewed, award-winning, and – most importantly – successful at the first fix, BlockBusters takes the endless guessing game out of emergency drain repairs. 

Secure Your Portfolio From Drainage Risks Today

With overburdened housing markets running around the clock, disruptions are unacceptable and expensive. Rely on BlockBusters’ 24/7 rapid response teams. Our extensively trained technicians utilise state-of-the-art equipment to restore flow and function quickly. Contact our experts today and find the perfect drainage plan for your properties.

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