Sewer Repair

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Sewer repair is a service we are happy to offer at BlockBusters.

A sewer is typically the place to which waste material and water drains. Most sewers are overseen by local authorities but some are in private possession and so are the responsibility of the landowner. These are usually required when a septic tank or other alternative sewage system has been installed.

Some common issues that may need to be repaired include punctured lining or perhaps a broken pipe. Sewer repair is usually required because over time the constant pressure and wear of water erodes even the strongest of pipes and can easily lead to collapse. There is also the issue of grime and debris build up which will require clearing.

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A quick initial assessment can help to ensure the right course of action is taken. Since sewers are below ground a full excavation is sometimes required – for example, if a drain line has collapsed and requires full replacement. Luckily here at BlockBusters we have a fully qualified and experienced team who are able to carry out such work quickly and efficiently.

With over 30 yearsโ€™ experience in this industry we are fully versed with all regulations and restrictions. We always ensure we seek the necessary permissions before carrying out any work in a public area, and because we have been in business for so long we have a good working relationship with local authorities. We always to our utmost to ensure a painless sewer repair with minimal disruption for our customers.

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