Drain Lining

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Drain lining is a great way to avoid replacing cracked pipes.A cracked or broken pipe doesn’t necessarily mean the pipe will need to be replaced. If the damage is not too severe it may be able to repair drains by lining them.

With drain lining we use inversion technology to seal and protect the inside of pipes. A spot patch can sometimes be used to repair a small leak, but this can often be a temporary solution especially if the original problem was caused by tree roots.

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Rather than apply a patch to fix an isolated issue in a pipe, we use drain lining. In this process, resin can be used to create a smooth and long lasting sealed lining all the way along a section of pipe. We use a method with felt infused with resin which is pushed into place without the need for full excavation.

A special tube is then used to invert the material. Once dry, this forms a durable inner shell with a consistent thickness. Drain lining in this way can prevent the intrusion of roots in the future, and flow rate can be improved also.

This saves both time and money. Drain lining remains a very popular option for our clients, with the end result often improving on the previous situation.

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