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The cost of your drain repairs might be covered by your building insurance policy. We have teamed up with Drain Check Ltd. to offer a free claims handling service, exclusively to our customers. Let our specialists take all of the stress out of dealing with your insurers. Our aim is to negotiate with your insurers full cover of any necessary repairs, so that you need only pay your policy excess.

Our specialists are on hand to liaise with your insurers and their agents so that you don’t have to. Their specialist knowledge has saved thousands of pounds for many of our customers and they can do the same for you. Feel free to contact us or Drain Check for a no obligation chat about how we can help.

Examples of how we have helped our customers:

Mrs J and Mr. G of Rusper had been suffering from blockages to their drainage system, and their septic tank needed emptying more regularly than it had in the past.

Our engineers carried out a full survey and identified that the septic tank was damaged and allowing ground water to enter. A standard septic tank could not be installed due to the new binding rules. Drain Check Ltd. successfully negotiated with their insurers to fund the replacement of the existing septic tank with an upgraded sewage treatment plant, costing Mrs. J and Mr. G only their policy excess of £100.00, We even recovered  their previous tanker costs, saving them in excess of £25,000.00 plus VAT.

Mr. T of Horsham had called us out as his drains had become blocked, and following a CCTV survey it was discovered that roots had entered his drains and also that the pitch fibre pipes had collapsed. Mr. T’s insurer had repudiated cover as they felt that the damage was due to wear and tear. Drain Check Ltd. successfully appealed the insurer’s decision and we carried out full repairs to Mr. T’s drainage system, reforming and resin lining the pitch fibre pipes to minimise disruption at his property. In all, Mr. T only had to pay his £200.00 policy excess, saving him in excess of £2,700.00 plus VAT including the cost of his previous unblocks.

Mr. T wrote: “I would like to say how very pleased I have been with all aspects of the process and the job Angela and the lads from Blockbusters who carried out the work. They could not have been more helpful, friendly and efficient. Please pass on my thanks to them”.

Mrs. D of Lewes noticed water pooling within her garden. Our engineers attended and identified that the water main serving her house was leaking close to her domestic oil tank. Drain Check Ltd. successfully negotiated with her insurer, and the water main was re-routed to avoid disturbing the oil tank, circumventing the leaking section of pipe.

Our engineers also discovered that the leaking water main had damaged the floorboards in her bathroom, and Drain Check Ltd. also secured funding from her insurers for the cost of replacing her bathroom flooring and bathroom suite due to the damage caused. All that Mrs. D had to pay was her policy excess of £250.00, saving her in excess of £6,000.00 plus VAT.

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