Water Leak Detection and Leaking Pipe Repair

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Water leak detection and leaking pipe repair – we can help!

A leaking pipe can be a real nuisance. When water leaks it often rolls downhill or seeps through the ground – so when you first find that tell-tale puddle of water it’s not necessarily in the same place as the leak! You can’t fix a leak until you know where it is, and that’s where we come in

How do I detect a water leak?

The best way to locate a water leak is to call in the experts! We use specialist leak detection equipment to find the problem quickly and easily – without unnecessary digging.

How can I repair my leaky pipe?

These days there are numerous no-dig drain repair solutions, which means that we may be able to repair your leaky pipe without the need to dig. We can often patch a hole or reline a section of pipe remotely, without digging any holes. We can even re-round pipes in some circumstances.

If the pipes can’t be repaired without digging, rest assured we can take care of that too – quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

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Our water leak detection and leaking pipe repair services include:
  • Fast response on all emergency call-outs
  • Free site visits, consultations and quotations
  • Latest techniques for moling and leak detection
  • No-dig repairs where possible
  • Pipe tracing
  • Ultrasonic water leak detection
  • Re-routing pipework where required
  • Full reinstatement of gardens, driveways and homes
  • Bill advice on excess water loss
  • Free insurance claims management
Fixing water leaks

Once a leak has been located, we are experts at fixing leaks, large and small. Our no-dig repair specialists will be able to repair leaks with minimal disruption or upheaval for you.

Underground water leak detection

We use the latest techniques to find a leak without having to pull apart walls or dig up your garden. We use ultrasonic leak detection and pipe tracing to ensure we pinpoint the location of the leak and dig only where necessary.

When checking for outdoors, underground water leaks we use the moling technique which means we will only need to dig two holes rather than the entire length of the pipe. If it is then necessary to excavate fully, you have peace of mind that we are excavation experts and we are committed to leaving your property exactly as we found it – minus the leak, of course!

24 hour emergency plumbers

Our emergency plumbing team is available 24 hours a day, to locate and repair water leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. For leak detection and leaking pipe repair, be sure to call BlockBusters.