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If you have a cracked or collapsed pipe or drain on your property, our specialists have the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to see it mended as soon as possible. By opting for our drain repair services, you’ll be getting a range of potential solutions to ensure your system is left working to its highest standards again.

Our expert plumbers and drainage engineers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure properties receive the care and maintenance they need. Contact us whenever you need us most and let one of our team find and fix the problem in your pipes – and leave you with full peace of mind.

Our Services for Drain Repair

We are ready and fully prepared to carry out a range of drain repair works types on both commercial and domestic properties, including:

Below, we have provided some more information on the “no-dig” or drain lining repair work we will carry out for properties where it is required.

Drain Lining

Drain lining is a less obtrusive form of drain repair. Instead of excavating the pipe in order to either find and fix the problem or replace it entirely, we will use a lining made of polyester and felt to cover up the cracks and compromised areas. This helps to greatly reduce the amount of time and money spent on the work being carried out.

Patch Lining

Patch lining operates on the same principle as a full drain lining service, but is carried out on a much smaller area. This allows for greater flexibility in localising a repair to a small section of the damaged pipe. Patch lining services are often an ideal drain repair service for property owners, as they minimise the cost and the amount of disruption to the property itself.


Where a collapsed pipe or drain is too damaged for standard polyester and felt liner, Brawloliner is the innovative and robust solution. This is a seamless elastic tube capable of lining around 90° bends in pipework, making it perfect for a more complex drainage system under high pressure.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs

Drainage pipes laid between the 1950s and the 1970s are likely to be made of pitch fibre because it was the cheapest material available. It was also lightweight and easy to handle, meaning it could be quickly and efficiently installed. 

Pitch fibre pipes are mostly made from wood cellulose impregnated with coal tar pitch, but they also contain a certain amount of asbestos. This was added at the time the pipes were originally installed in order to make the pipes stronger but is now known to cause health problems.

If a property’s pitch fibre pipes are intact, they present no danger to occupants. However, when a pipe is cracked or collapsed, it has the potential to become dangerous. This is why this type of repair work must always be carried out by experts, and never carried out as DIY repair work.

Replacing Drains and Pipes

Technician Plumber Using A Wrench To Repair A Water Pipe

If a drain or pipe cannot be repaired by lining and no-dig means, then the only option will be to excavate it and replace it with a new one. We will ensure that this work is carried out quickly, efficiently, and with as little disruption to your day as possible, so that your property can return to normal as soon as we have finished.

Signs of Broken Drains

There are several signs that you may wish to look out for if you suspect you could have a broken or damaged drain:

  • Backed-up pipes and drains, as these could indicate that a drain has collapsed
  • Damp patches and mould in your property, which could indicate a leak
  • Subsidence and structural damage
  • Foul odours coming from your drains, which could indicate the drain is either clogged or has collapsed
  • Rodent infestations, which often accompany drainage problems

Why Opt for Professional Drain Repair?

It is vital to use a professional drain cleaning and repair service to take care of collapsed, cracked, clogged, or otherwise blocked drains or sewers. Even trying to carry out DIY repair work on a small domestic drain by yourself without the right tools or knowledge could result in the problem becoming worse. This has the potential to result in greater damage to your property, which will cost more to repair on top of what you would already have to pay for standard drain repair.

How Much Does Drain Repair Cost?

As every drain repair will be different we, unfortunately, cannot offer a set list of prices for our services. However, you may rest assured that you will not be charged for a call-out when you have an emergency and all of our repair quotes are free. 

On top of this, all of our prices are competitive. So, you will not spend from your household budget simply calling us to your location and having us take a look at what needs to be fixed. When the time comes for payment, you will also be guaranteed the lowest possible price.

For Fast Expert Drain Repair

If your home or business has cracked pipes or collapsed drains, contact BlockBusters today. Our team will be ready and waiting to send out one of our experts to fix the issue right away. Even if you are having an emergency and you’re not sure what could be causing the problem, they will do everything possible to find out, so that the right solution can be found as well.

Between our years of experience, our expertise, and the tools and skills that we have, we are more than confident that we will be able to repair your drains as needed. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get your drains back to normal as soon as possible.

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