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What can go wrong with drains?

There are two main potential problems with drains: either a blockage or a leak.

Blocked drains can be caused by anything other than water being flushed down your drain, and can soon cause slow draining sinks and even a flood.

Leaky drains can be just as problematic, creating pools of dirty water in and around your property.

With both leaks and blockages it can be hard to find the exact location of the problem without expert help.

Our friendly, reliable plumbers will get to work right away, giving you peace of mind that an expert is doing everything in their power to resolve your drainage problems.

How do drains get blocked?

Essentially, anything going down your drain that is not water has the potential to cause a blockage. The problem is that small, sticky particles of grease and other substances can get stuck to the outer edges of your pipes. Over time, more and more things get stuck to the particles that are already lining the pipe, and before long the drain is blocked.

Many DIY drain unblocking solutions work by pushing the bulk of the blockage on through the pipe, or by dissolving it – but they often only clear the centre of the pipe and leave the debris still sticking to the outer edges. This means the blockage will soon build up again, until the pipe is properly cleaned.

What causes a drain pipe to leak?

Many things can cause leaky drainage pipes. Freezing weather can cause breakages in pipes, as can corrosion of old pipework. Changes in water pressure can also sometimes cause leaks, and although it sounds far fetched sometimes buildings move as the foundation settles and moves. All of this can cause a crack or even a hole in a drainage pipe, resulting in a leak.

How can you tell where a water leak is coming from?

It can be really hard to locate a water leak without expert assistance. Even if you have a puddle in one part of your property, that may just be where the water is collecting; the leak could be far from that spot. Luckily we are fully equipped to undertake CCTV drain surveys, which allow us to locate and diagnose any problems in your pipework.

How much does it cost to repair drains?

It’s hard to give a price on drain repairs and unblocking as each situation is different. We offer a free site visit where we will come and assess the situation before providing a quote for any work required. We will always discuss work and costs honestly and fully explain what is required and why. We always aim to keep prices down and our quotes are accurate in the majority of cases.

We don’t charge a callout fee, and we won’t bamboozle you with technical terms.

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We also offer maintenance checks on septic tanks and sewage systems so as to avoid the need for an emergency call-out. By carrying out regular checks on your systems, we can prevent unexpected disasters by identifying any potential problems early on. We can use high pressure water jetting to keep debris and blockages to a minimum, and we can also resolve any scaling issues to ensure a free flowing channel of water.

Speak to us about our regular, scheduled services to find out how to keep your pipes in perfect shape.

Jobs that you can’t do on your own – or you just can’t face – are another area where we are happy to help. We cover everything from emptying septic tanks to unblocking toilets.

Blockbusters is the complete drainage services solution, whatever your needs.