Drainage and Plumbing Services

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Our core drainage services focus on our customers’ needs. For all of your drainage and plumbing needs we have engineers with the best equipment ready to help, from simple advice to a full drain replacement service, we have every area covered.

We are also happy to help when things go wrong. Old pipework can cause blockages, slow draining sinks and baths and backed up bathrooms. This is where we excel, priding ourselves on bringing the best knowledge, experience and equipment to every job.

When you have a drainage problem, you need it resolved quickly. Drainage problems can often mean you find yourself wading through water (or worse!) in your home, and the last thing you want is to spend ages trying to get it fixed. Our friendly, reliable plumbers will get to work right away, giving you peace of mind that an expert is doing everything in their power to resolve the issue.

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For repairs, we will always discuss costs honestly and fully explain what is required and why. Because we’ve been around for so long, we have great trade relationships and this means we can keep prices down and get hold of new parts quickly.

All of our vehicles carry the latest equipment and we stay up to date with the latest industry news and developments. This helps us to always get a job done well and with a lasting solution.

Whether you have a sink with a pressure problem or you need a full underground CCTV drain survey, we can help with all of your drainage and plumbing needs.

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We also offer maintenance checks on septic tanks and sewage systems so as to avoid the need for an emergency call-out. By carrying out regular checks on your systems, we can prevent unexpected disasters by identifying any potential problems early on. We can use high pressure water jetting to keep debris and blockages to a minimum, and we can also resolve any scaling issues to ensure a free flowing channel of water.

Speak to us about our regular, scheduled services to find out how to keep your pipes in perfect shape.

Jobs that you can’t do on your own – or you just can’t face – are another area where we are happy to help. We cover everything from emptying septic tanks to unblocking toilets.

Blockbusters is the complete drainage services solution, whatever your needs.