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A middle-of-the-night call about a blocked drain flooding your property is a nightmare. BlockBusters promises rapid 24/7 emergency drain services to prevent flood damage and give you peace of mind. Our drainage engineers will arrive promptly to assess and resolve your blocked drains while protecting your tenants, property, and investments.

With over 30 years of experience, we have numerous positive reviews for our specialist expertise in emergency drain clearing. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to contact BlockBusters.

Emergency Blockages Can Devastate Your Investment

Blocked drains may initially seem like a nuisance, but in an emergency, the consequences can be devastating. Left unchecked, a blocked drain can rapidly flood nearby areas, causing unsanitary conditions and costly damage. Burst pipes, water-logged walls, mould outbreaks and foul odours can quickly render rental units uninhabitable, costing you tenants, income, and property value.

Making matters worse, blockages often worsen overnight and on holidays when immediate intervention isn’t available. By the time you’ve been notified of the issue, the flooding may have already substantially impacted your property or displaced angry tenants seeking compensation for their lost possessions and relocation expenses. Don’t assume clogged drains that gradually drain away will remain harmless forever – wait too long and you may end up facing an emergency far more difficult and expensive to remediate.

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Our Affordable Emergency Assistance

We understand that emergency blockages cause enough stress without astronomical repair bills. That’s why we offer:

  • Competitive Rates: Our emergency service rates aim to provide landlord value, not price gouge those needing urgent aid. We are upfront about all charges.
  • Fixed Pricing: To prevent surprise add-ons halfway through a job, we provide firm quotes with defined scopes before starting work. You’ll never face hidden fees.
  • Insurance Support: We work closely with you on claims processes and provide detailed invoices stating the exact cause and remedy details insurance providers often require.

Our goal is to make blocked drain crises as financially painless as possible. We know you need responsible budgeting to manage margins, mortgages, and other expenses across properties in your portfolio.

What Our Customers Have Said

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Drainage Services Tailored For London Landlords

As London property experts, we understand the unique drainage needs landlords face. Our comprehensive service options include:

  • Blocked Drain Clearance: We use high-pressure jetting and mechanical clearing to remove blockages and restore drainage quickly during emergency callouts.
  • CCTV Drain Surveys: We thoroughly inspect the within and condition of pipes to locate issues and strategically target repairs.
  • Drain Repair and Replacement: Where simple clearing is insufficient, our engineers can efficiently repair or replace damaged drains.
  • Drain Installation: We handle new drain installations for properties undergoing improvements or construction projects.
  • Drain Jetting/Power Flushing: High-powered water jets keep drains clean and clear in between scheduled maintenance.

With teams always on call, we have the expertise and equipment to swiftly resolve any drainage mishap across London and the South East. Our technicians know commercial structures well and take precautions to minimise tenant impact.

Why Choose BlockBusters?

Maintain Your Revenue Streams

Don’t let clogged drains drain your wallet. Our prompt response times and highly trained technicians work quickly and considerately so issues disrupt tenants and rental income as little as possible.

Preserve Your Property Value

By promptly addressing issues that could diminish your investment over the long term, we help maintain the worth of your asset. Our work leaves properties structurally and aesthetically sound.

Keep Up Property Appeal

Issues left unattended will compromise curb appeal over time. By addressing problems early, we allow your assets to reach their profit-generating potential by always putting their best face forward.

We Use the Latest High-End Technology And Methods

With the most advanced CCTV, hydro-jetting, and pipe repair equipment, our engineers pride themselves on avoiding destructive, outdated drain cleaning techniques that could make problems worse long-term.

Promoting Tenant Happiness

Our personable staff enhance tenant satisfaction by minimising disturbances during work and thoughtfully safeguarding belongings in work areas. We know pleased occupants directly strengthen your bottom line.

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Don’t Worry About Blocked Drain Emergencies Any Longer

If flooding, back-ups or foul odours disrupt your ability to comfortably and profitably operate rental properties, call our 24/7 hotline immediately. Our friendly dispatchers can send a specialist out within the hour to assess and intervene. Join our rapidly growing clientele of landlords resting easy knowing we’ve got their drains secured.

Call our drainage and plumbing team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including Bank Holidays) on 0800 136 658

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