Irrigation Systems

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Irrigation has a number of useful applications. We work mostly in drainage, which is the practice of taking water away – but sometimes there are ways of utilising this water to irrigate land.

If you are currently using some form of equipment to water your land, it worth speaking to us as we will most probably be able to help with an irrigation system to allow you to use natural drainage of water from elsewhere on the property to irrigate your land.

The primary use for irrigation systems is of course farming and agriculture, but some of our customers are normal homeowners who have a large garden to maintain and donโ€™t want a huge water bill.

For irrigation systems, call BlockBusters today.

Our team have years of experience in creating waterways and irrigation systems, helping to move water to where it needs to be. Ensuring water is moved to wherever it is required on a year-round basis is no mean feat but we are experienced and knowledgeable, and we relish a challenge.

With so many factors involved it can be hard to know where to begin but our straightforward approach and experienced engineers will make setting up your irrigation system a painless process.

We will consider the supply of surface water before deciding what type of irrigation system is best for you. This may be concrete canals or sprinklers; we have the knowledge, tools and equipment to construct whole networks if required.

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