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A soakaway is essentially a hole excavated into the ground. Traditionally, these were filled with rubble and coarse stones but these days a soakaway is more likely to be filled with plastic crates. Surface water and water from gutters and down pipes is then collected into the soakaway and allowed to gradually percolate back into the ground.

The main problem people find with soakaways is that they can easily become blocked with silt and leaves that wash into them over the course of time. Once they become completely clogged can seem like more of a pond than a soakaway.

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BlockBusters offers a full soakaway cleaning service, using high pressure water jets to backwash pipes feeding into the soakaway. This washes away silt and leaves and can resolve any issues in about 50% of cases with a few hours of jet washing.

We often find that once a soakaway has become clogged though it is hard to get it working as efficiently as it did previously. In these cases we can either excavate a new soakaway or re-excavate the existing one.

Regulations now state that a soakaway must be a minimum distance from any buildings, so we often end up excavating new soakaways farther from clients’ properties.

With over 30 years of experience in this field, we are experts in excavating, re-excavating and clearing soakaways. We also offer a free claims management service, where we can deal directly with your insurance company. We can provide reports and manage the claim from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about it at all.

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