Drain Installation

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Having a new drain installed begins with choosing the right product for the job from a crowded and sometimes confusing market. Luckily here at BlockBusters we have years of experience in new drain installations and we are happy to help with choosing the correct drain, and then to set it in place and connect the adjacent pipes.

Drains come in many different shapes and sizes and occur with a surprising frequency around the home. You’re probably most used to seeing those in your bathroom or kitchen, but there are plenty of others that we don’t see every day. A drain is the essential component for making sure waste water is drained away to the greater drainage system, and we often don’t notice them until they become blocked or damaged. Drain installation is a crucial part of ensuring your drains work well.

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Drains are often placed around the outside of a property to ensure water is drained away from the walls and foundations. If water is not drained properly and bricks become soggy this can lead to structural damage and instability which can mean expensive repairs. This is why drain installation is so key: it’s important to ensure that good quality new drains and grates are installed correctly.

Our friendly, highly skilled and trained staff have years of experience in drain installation. They can help you to make sure you have the right drain for the job, and that it is installed correctly, helping to keep your home dry where it counts. We pride ourselves on our professional and quick drain installation service, leaving a nice new, free-flowing drain in place of the old one.

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