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Drainage Solutions for Healthier Living in Eastbourne

Living with a blocked drain or plumbing issues in your Eastbourne home can create unhealthy and hazardous conditions for your family. Drain blockages lead to unpleasant odours, bacteria growth, and even pest infestations, creating an environment that puts your health at risk. 

As an experienced plumbing and drainage specialist, BlockBusters provides prompt 24-hour solutions to unclog blocked drains and resolve plumbing problems. Our professional technicians have the modern equipment and expertise to quickly restore your home’s environment and drainage system.

Blocked drain in Eastbourne

Are Blocked Drains Affecting Your Health?

Living with a blocked drain can seriously impact your health and home environment. Here are some common signs your drains are causing health hazards:

  • Unpleasant Odours – The buildup of waste, sewage gases, and bacteria creates foul smells that permeate your home. Inhaling these odours can cause nausea, headaches, and dizziness.
  • Pests – Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests are attracted to the smell and moisture of clogged drains. These can spread disease and trigger allergies.
  • Mould Growth – Backed-up sinks, tubs, and toilets enable mould to thrive. Exposure to mould spores can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions.
  • Standing Water – Clogged drains lead to standing water in your home, providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Fatigue and Illness – The constant odours, pests, and mould spore exposure can make you and your family feel run down and sick.

Don’t ignore these drain clog warning signs. Health hazards will only worsen if the underlying issue isn’t properly addressed.

How BlockBusters Protect You From Drain Hazards

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We swiftly unclog blocked drains before sewage can back up using high-powered equipment to get your drains flowing freely again. After unblocking, we disinfect the drains and pipes to eliminate any lingering bacteria. 

If mould growth has occurred from the blocked drainage, we remediate the affected areas by removing the mould, treating it with biocides to kill it, and preventing future growth. We deter pests like rats and roaches that are attracted to infested drains to prevent the spread of diseases.

Our teams also identify areas prone to sewer gas buildup and improve ventilation to fresh air in your home. Thoroughly repairing any damaged drains and pipes prevents hazardous leaks and backups in the future. We also provide regular drain inspections and maintenance to keep the system clear and functioning safely at all times.

Protective Services for You and Your Home

At BlockBusters, we offer a complete range of drainage and plumbing services to effectively resolve any issues in your Eastbourne home or business. No matter the scale of your issue, BlockBusters has the skills and equipment to effectively solve your drainage or plumbing crisis. Our services include:

Drain Unblocking

We use state-of-the-art equipment like high-pressure jetting to clear out drain clogs and eliminate backups.

CCTV Drain Inspections

Our teams will thoroughly inspect your drains using video technology to identify any blockages or damage.

Drain Repairs

We repair cracked, damaged, or collapsed drains and pipes to restore proper drainage.


From leak detection to water heater repairs, we handle all your plumbing needs.

Septic Services

Our technicians service, maintain, repair, or install septic tanks and drainage fields.

Sewer Line Services

We maintain and repair sewer lines to prevent hazardous backups.

Emergency Services

We’re available 24/7 to resolve any emergent drainage catastrophes.

Illnesses Caused by Blocked Drains

Living with backed-up drains and sewage can make you and your family sick. Blocked drains become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, mould, and viruses that can cause the following illnesses:

  • Gastroenteritis – Sewage backup allows gastroenteritis-causing viruses like norovirus, rotavirus, and hepatitis A to spread. Symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, and fever.
  • Respiratory Infections – Mould spores from wet, blocked drains can trigger respiratory issues like chronic coughs, asthma attacks, and sinus infections.
  • Skin Infections – Blocked drains harbours antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA that can infect open wounds and cuts, causing redness, swelling, and pus.
  • Pinworm Infections – Pinworm eggs in sewage can transfer to surfaces and cause extreme itchiness around sensitive areas of the body.
  • Leptospirosis – Rat urine mixes with blocked drainage water, spreading Leptospirosis which causes fever, vomiting, and kidney failure.

Don’t let sickness enter your home. BlockBusters clean out blockages and restore proper drainage to eliminate these health hazards from your environment.

Protect Your Health From Blocked Drains Today

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