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Do clogged and backed-up drains continually damage your Eastbourne rental properties, harming their quality and your reputation? As local drain specialists with over 30 years of experience and equipped with industrial jetting equipment, BlockBusters offers fast clearing of any blocked drain across our area. Book today and we will be on-site in 2 hours or less to thoroughly blast away those nagging clogs before they cause pipe deterioration or lost rental income.

Drain Problems Bringing Down Your Properties?

While one small clog seems minor, allowing blocked drains to linger rapidly accelerates the downward spiral of rental unit quality and marketability in Eastbourne’s competitive property marketplace.

  • Backed-up sinks and foul odours present extremely poorly upon showings, making it impossible to showcase the property in a positive light to prospective tenants.
  • Damage from leaks, moisture, and overflowing drains due to clogs compounds over time, diminishing aesthetics, functionality, and ultimately your rental property’s fundamental structure.
  • Units with a reputation for poor drainage and sewage issues cannot compete on the rental market next to higher calibre properties, forcing you to lower prices.
  • As quality declines, top-tier tenants stop considering your listings while existing tenants use problems to negotiate lower rents, directly impacting your bottom line.

Our Powerful Drain Clearing Services

Man using a mini plumber snake to unclog a bathtub drain

At BlockBusters, we utilise professional-grade equipment and decades of experience to deliver premier drain-clearing services quickly and effectively across Eastbourne.

Our state-of-the-art water jet blasters generate up to 4,000 PSI to eradicate years of built-up sludge, oils, soap residue and other gunk clogging drains.

Before blasting, we thoroughly inspect the full drainage system and use a CCTV pipe camera to locate clogs and identify any root intrusions or pipe damage.

We clear bathroom and kitchen sink drain lines, main sewer lines, tub/shower drains, floor drains, outdoor patio drains and more across rental properties.

Our work always fixes the immediate issue but we also take future prevention measures by conducting regular maintenance, advising property managers on proper bio-cleaner usage by tenants, and noting pipe wear and tear.

Emergency Service In 2 Hours Or Less

Our team is on call 24/7 to immediately respond to any blocked drain crises across properties in Eastbourne. We mobilise our jetting and clearing equipment rapidly to be at your rental in 2 hours or less, preventing further quality deterioration from drainage issues.

Upfront, Fair Pricing – No Hidden Fees

We provide flat-rate quotes upfront based on the job scope with no add-ons or surprise charges afterwards. Our prices are also competitive locally, reflecting our specialised expertise in unclogging drains in rental properties.

Fully Cleared Drains in Just One Visit

Our high-powered hydro jetting equipment paired with pipe camera inspection allows our technicians to thoroughly clear out the toughest clogs and mineral buildup in one visit. We restore complete drainage function before leaving your property.

Expert Tips to Limit Future Blockages

Beyond the immediate clearing, our technicians advise on pipe vulnerabilities, tenant usage habits worsening clogs, and recommended products like hair catchers. We know the most common causes of rental property drain issues in Eastbourne and offer guidance to help your quality upheld long-term.

Why Eastbourne Landlords Trust Us

Having served properties in Eastbourne for over 30 years, we are familiar with the area’s unique infrastructure issues, water composition, and investor needs for protecting property quality. Our specialised experience includes resolving drainage issues for all types of rental units, from rooms up to multi-unit complexes, to meet landlord requirements long-term. We maintain rigorous, up-to-date training and certifications required by top UK drainage bodies and local regulations to safely service rental properties across the Southeast.

Don’t just take our word – landlords and property managers across the Southeast have left positive reviews of our blocked drain services across top local review sites. We were also proud to have been awarded Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for December 2023 thanks to outstanding landlord recommendations.

Resolve Drainage Issues Proactively

Left neglected, blocked drains only escalate to cause major disruption and financial stress for you. With increasingly disappointed tenants and repairs diminishing your rental incomes, the problems compound rapidly. Work proactively, instead – call our friendly staff now to book your appointment with our BlockBusters drainage experts. Request local service today and safeguard your rental property quality long into the future.

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