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BlockBusters offers reliable 24/7 rapid response to recurrent blocked drains, using specialist expertise and cutting-edge tech to deliver prompt, minimally disruptive unblocking across your entire property portfolio. With over 20 years of experience supporting commercial properties specifically, we have tailored solutions to protect your portfolio investment against expensive floods or pipe damage.

Contact our specialists today to discover blocked drain support packages that combine emergency response and proactive maintenance to optimise your propertyโ€™s drainage long-term.

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Are Blocked Drains Sparking Tenant Complaints?

Blocked drains and sewage back-ups prompt rapid escalation from tenants, with foul odours, flooded basements or non-functioning fixtures making living conditions unbearable. We restore tenant comfort quickly using high-powered jetting technology for swift drain clearing. Our regular maintenance packages prevent bad odours, leaks and vermin issues that prompt calls of complaint in the first place.

Identifying Issues Before They Escalate

Left unaddressed, small drain clogs turn into major blockages, and hairline pipe cracks become raging ruptures flooding entire rooms. By conducting regular camera drain surveys across your portfolio, we can spot issues early and recommend targeted repairs. This prevents major destruction through early intervention, saving you thousands in repairs.

Safeguarding Livability

Backed-up sinks and contaminated standing water pose dangerous health risks to tenants. It also creates liability issues for landlords found breaching safety regulations. Our rapid response teams swiftly unblock drains to restore proper sanitation when a crisis strikes.

Preserving Your Property Value

Decades of grime, corrosion and stress can shorten the lifespan of any drainage system – lowering property values as replacement costs loom. Our high-pressure water jetting physically clears this buildup while our chemical treatments dissolve it over time. This inside-out cleaning paired with our repairs optimises pipes to keep them functioning at peak capacity for longer.

Man using a mini plumber snake to unclog a bathtub drain

Saving You Money On Drainage Services

Though any urgent plumbing bill is unpleasant, just one severe flood incident can equal the cost of major pipe network reconstruction. Consistent drain maintenance is proven to minimise the risk of expensive repair projects by spotting issues early and preventing escalation. If disaster does strike, our emergency response teams work swiftly to seal leaks and prevent secondary water damage that exacerbates renovation costs.

Shielding You From Legal Penalties

In severe cases, backed-up drains rapidly create health hazards in a property by allowing contamination buildup. Should this occur, local authorities have grounds to impose heavy fines or advisories on landlords found negligently providing unsafe living conditions. Our rapid response unblocking and sanitisation services resolve such issues quickly, providing necessary paperwork to demonstrate compliance efforts and avoid penalties.

Emergency Blocked Drain Response

When a blocked drain crisis strikes your portfolio, our 24/7 emergency hotline connects you to a rapid-response team. Our specialist engineers utilise high-powered water jetting technology for safe, effective drain clearing with minimal disruption to your tenants or properties. We recognise that lost rental income and property damage cost you more than simple plumbing bills – so we focus on restoring normalcy quickly.

Drain Repairs and Replacement

Our engineers thoroughly diagnose drainage issues and recommend appropriate solutions to save you money. We specialise in no-dig relining technology allowing us to repair pipes via small access points rather than expensive, surface-disruptive digging. But we will be transparent if a full replacement is needed, outlining cost projections and managing the safe, efficient installation.

Clogged sink with dirty water
Clogged sink with dirty water in a cafe toilet. Blockage problems in the bathroom and toilet

CCTV Drain Surveys

High-resolution camera surveys allow our engineers to investigate the true root causes of drainage problems across your portfolio. Regularly surveying internal drain lines and external waste pipes enables us to locate breaches, breaks, blockages and build-up. Identifying issues early means targeted, affordable fixes before problems escalate or catastrophic failure occurs.

Drain Maintenance Packages

Custom drain maintenance packages help improve drainage lifespan and reduce emergency incidents through regularly scheduled servicing. Our packages feature a range of services like high-powered jet washing, bacteria-fighting treatments, sump pump maintenance and more – with frequency aligned to each property’s population, fixtures and piping specifics.

Protect Your Rental Property From Drainage Disasters

With a comprehensive drainage maintenance partner in BlockBusters, your buildings flow unimpeded while you grow your property portfolio worry-free. Contact our friendly team today to discuss a custom-fit, all-encompassing drain servicing package perfect for the scale and shape of your expanding commercial portfolio.

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