Dodge the Bodge!

DIY Drainage and Plumbing remedies and ideas can lead to more costly repairs

As a nation we all like a bit of DIY, redecorate, fix, mend and build things ourselves.

Do it yourself tips are abundant all around us, especially on social media where it is easy to share stories, experiences and ideas.

DIY can also be seen as a cheaper option, use items found from everyday use as a ‘remedy’ to fix an issue, even if just for the time being.

However, what may be seen as a quick fix can actually be far more costly in the long run.

Using home remedies or DIY ideas can lead to bigger blockages and cost much more to fix

Drainage and plumbing DIY fixes can particularly lead to greater problems down the line, cause future issues and create a far bigger cost down the line.

If you have a blocked drain, blocked pipes or a blocked sink the good ol’ fashioned plunger is always a safe start to try unblocking yourself.

Of course, there are also products which can be tried to help the situation and get the drains flowing again, for example we address some options in our Blocked Sink DIY blog post.

Although for some drain problems and blockages, it’s always best to consult and use professionals.

Blocked Drains and Emergency Plumbing repairs need to be done by professionals

Emergency plumbers and drainage engineers such as BlockBusters Drainage and Plumbing Services have been in the industry for a long time (over 30 years in our case), are fully trained, experienced as well as being able to insure the work for peace of mind.

What may seem like a quick fix, or something you’ve heard on social media may seem like a good idea to save some pennies, but can that remedy in fact add to the problem?

We’ve seen so many situations where we’ve been told “So and so said it would work”, or “I thought I’d give it a go myself, I mean how hard can it be?”.

In many cases, a quick fix has either made the issue worse, create a problem further down the drainage system or last a week or two before falling apart again.

Bodge repairs can be dangerous as well as expensive to make right
DIY drainage repairs can cause more issues than intended
Plumbing shouldn’t be attempted unless you know what to do

This is why it is best to get it done right first time, pay once rather than cause more costly repairs later.

For help and advice on drainage and plumbing issues, or for emergency plumbing, give BlockBusters a call on 0800 136 658.

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