Blocked sink DIY

A blocked sink can be a real nuisance. Whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen, we all use our sinks several times per day so a blockage can cause real problems. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to try and get that sink unblocked and flowing freely again.

blocked sink

If you’ve got a blocked sink, and you want to have a go at unblocking it yourself, here are five things you can try:

  • Bicarb & vinegar 

    If your sink is draining slowly, you might be able to solve the problem with this. Pour some bicarbonate of soda down the plughole and follow with a cup of white vinegar. This will fizz up and you should hear it fizzing inside the pipes as it . After a couple of minutes, rinse through with hot water.

  • Plunger 

    The good old fashioned plunger! Use a dishcloth to block up the overflow outlet, and ensure there is water covering the plughole to allow a vacuum. Now put the plunger over the plughole, and gently push the plunger up and down. This should help to dislodge whatever is causing the blockage.

  • Soap crystals 

    Dissolve half a packet of soda crystals in some boiling water and pour the solution down the plughole. This should help to remove any fat, grease or soap residue that has accumulated down there.

  • Unscrew the U-Bend 

    If your sink is getting blocked on a regular basis, you might want to try this. Get your rubber gloves on, and put a washing-up bowl or bucket underneath before locating the first bend in the pipe under the sink. Carefully unscrew the plastic fitting where the U-bend joins the bottom of the sink. When water starts to drip out, stop unscrewing and wait for all of the water to drain out. After this you can unscrew is completely and remove it to clear out whatever is causing the blockage.

  • Call in the professionals! 

    If none of this works, give us a call! We are experts in all things drainage, and we help people like you every day. We can come out and unblock your sink quickly and efficiently, with minimal fuss and great customer service. Just call our friendly team onΒ 0333 920 9346


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