What’s the difference between Plumbing & Drainage?

Plumbing and Drainage

Your pipe is broken, water is running somewhere it shouldn’t – but who do you call? Is this plumbing or drainage?

The difference between these two has long been a source of confusion. In our industry it pays to know the difference even if, like us, you handle both. So let’s clear up this murky area by clarifying that plumbing is the system made to carry water into your building, whereas drainage systems should always take it away again. Sounds simple, but with both involving an array of pipes and fixings, the average homeowner might not be sure which service they need. Especially if that water spraying everywhere is slightly obscuring your view of the source. Thankfully, our complete service saves you that splashy investigation.

With Storm Jonas battering the USA, it was only a matter of time before a plague of weather warnings erupted in the UK once again. Although it sounds more like something your doctor tells you, low pressure is actually the cause of all this mayhem. Now the windy torrent has struck us too and flooding is once again Britain’s middle name. It’s caused masses of leaf-blocked drain covers and flooded sewers, which can be more than a bit unpleasant. No-one wants to head out in their anorak to poke around in the dark in the hope of unearthing the mystery blockage. All except our engineers that is, who are exactly the kind of hardy folk ready to tackle these stormy challenges. For now, all you need is a good umbrella.

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