Saniflo – What you need to know

Saniflos are normally installed in Domestic properties and connected to toilets where there isn’t a mains drainage pipe available. This enables toilets to be installed virtually everywhere. For example, underneath stairs, in en suites or even basement/cellars. The advantage of this is that it minimises the cost of installation and gives the customer the convenience of having that extra toilet at their property.

The disadvantage of using Saniflo’s or electric macerators is that unfortunately they can break down if they are not installed correctly or if items are put down there that shouldn’t be, for example children’s toys, bottle tops, and metal hair clips. These are just some of the examples of items that we find in the Saniflo units that can cause the unit to be faulty or to burn out. Not surprisingly it is normally when someone else has been using the property i.e. friends are staying or there has been a party or something similar and somebody puts something down the toilet that it would normally not have to cope with.

How we work with Saniflo

Blockbusters Contracts Limited have now been operating for 25 years and are well versed in carrying out repairs (or replacement if necessary) of Saniflo systems to ensure that they are left in full working order. We provide “same day service”, as we realise that in a lot of these cases the Saniflo systems are installed on the main toilets especially in flats/apartments and therefore there is an need to get the toilet system up and working immediately or at the very least the same day.

Blockbusters provide a 24 hour service 365 days a year, normally within two hours of your call, so please contact our offices on 0800 0689282 and please look at our website on blockbusters.co.uk

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