Patch Line A Drain

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For information and advice on patch lining drains please contact our friendly team now.

We have a large number of specialist repair teams that will carry out all pipework repairs covering for all our household, commercial and industrial clients.

With many different options you can be sure that we will find the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Drain Lining

Depending on the structural integrity of a pipe, we may be able to line a length of pipework using a Polyester / Felt Liner.  By doing this we can greatly limit excavation and reduce time and costs.Patch Lining

Patch Lining works on the same principal as a lining but gives an even greater flexibility to localise a repair to minimise cost and disruption.


This is an innovative and more robust rehabilitation system that caters for much more severely damaged pipework where a standard polyester liner can not be used.  Like a seamless elastic sock it is capable of lining around 90 degree bends and is ideal for more complex drainage systems that are put under intense pressure.

By using any of these lining techniques we may be able to greatly reduce costs and disruption as we may be able to prevent major excavation under homes, offices or roads.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair Specialists

We have extensive experience in dealing with pitch fibre pipe repairs. We have knowledge of the areas across the South East that are affected and can provide suitable solutions for all cases.

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