Is it Better to Have a Cesspit or Septic Tank?

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When it comes to sewer systems a cesspit or a septic tank is one of the most common methods – seen in many places across the UK with no main sewer access. Whether you are using a septic tank or cesspit they will both use an underground tank. Wastewater enters the holding tank in both sewage systems, but the waste in a septic tank undergoes a sewage treatment process.

The main differences between a cesspit or septic tank lie in the following areas:

  • Tanks: A cesspit is a sealed sewerage system whereas septic tanks offer waste disposal, typically to a drainage field. As a result, cesspits will need to be emptied regularly for them to function properly.
  • Treatments: Septic tanks will treat the wastewater and break it down, exploiting the natural processes of the faecal bacteria within the tank. The difference in cesspits is that they do not treat or break down any waste.
  • Drainage: A cesspool or cesspit does not have any type of outlet, so it is devoid of any type of drainage system. Contrastingly, septic tanks have an outlet pipe for drainage – so there is no need to empty the tank as regularly.

A cesspit or a septic tank is crucial for properties that are not connected to the main sewer. We offer outstanding septic tank installation and maintenance services in the southeast of the UK, so we are an authority on the differences in and benefits of each type. Please get in touch with us to start using our services.

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When to Choose a Cesspit or Septic Tank

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Septic tanks are generally the preferred option for sewage management on most types of properties. By creating a kind of mini sewage treatment plant using a septic tank you are much more likely to avoid pollution to surface water – and you remove the issue of regular emptying thanks to the built-in drainage system.

However, sometimes the situation will dictate whether a cesspit or septic tank is the right option. Situations where a cesspit may be better include the following:

  • Poor soakaway: You may have soil in your area that is not a good surface for drainage, meaning that a septic tank is impossible to install. Soakaway systems will disperse the waste gradually -but they may cause issues for regions with high clay content, or other non-absorbent soil types.
  • Temporary waste management: If you are only going to be managing waste for a short period, such as during the construction of a building or in seasonal peaks – as is the case for businesses such as campsites – then a cesspit is the best option. Cesspits are quite simple to install and remove.

Cesspits are perhaps one of the least pleasant aspects of sewage management, as they are simply a container for waste. However, septic tank systems are much cleaner, more versatile and will not pollute the environment. Overall, the level of maintenance and the potential health hazards make cesspits highly undesirable.

If you have the choice between a cesspit or septic tank you should always choose a septic tank – as they are much more effective. Regulations for cesspits are also changing, as they are seen as inferior and can even damage the environment – so cesspits are a decaying form of infrastructure and not a sensible investment!

The government is planning for the registration of septic tanks within the UK.

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