Professional Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

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Don’t take chances with a DIY sewage treatment plant installation for your domestic property in the UK. Without the proper qualifications, tools, and training, it poses significant health and safety risks. That’s where BlockBusters comes in. Our expert team possesses the necessary skills and experience to deliver a seamless sewage treatment plant installation for your home.

At BlockBusters, installing domestic sewage treatment plants is our speciality. We meticulously ensure that your system is fitted in accordance with Building Regulations and remains fully compliant with general binding rules. Rest assured, our professional service provides peace of mind and a fully operational system you can rely on.

Our Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Services

There are several steps that we’ll undertake when preparing to complete a sewage treatment plant installation:

Site Surveys

Every potential installation will begin with a professional site survey. This ensures that the property the sewage treatment system is intended for is appropriate for the system itself. The work done during a typical site survey may include:

  • Conducting a Groundwater Source Protection Zone Search
  • Conducting a Trial Site Assessment Hole Test (if you are intent on having a drainage field)
  • Conducting Percolation Tests (if you are intent on having a drainage field)
  • Checks that the tank and any potential drainage fields are situated far enough from habitable dwellings

These checks also help to ensure that the system remains compliant with the general binding rules.

We should note that you will need to have contacted the Environment Agency about your new intended installation, and may also need planning permission before you begin. You will need to contact your local authority to find out whether or not permission is needed.

Designing the System

The results of a site survey will help to determine the design of the treatment system on your property, and which tank will be best for your property as a whole. The design factors that a site survey will inform before any work begins include:

  • The type of discharge method that should be used
  • The size of the tank that can be installed on your property (this will also depend on how many people will be using it)
  • How deep the tank can be installed
  • Where the tank can be located on your property
  • The size of the drainage field (if you want and can have a drainage field installed)


Once the ground conditions have been assessed and we know exactly how the sewage treatment plant should be installed, our team will set to work. They will do everything possible to keep the work quick, efficient, and in line with the regulations set out by law. You’ll be able to use your new system as soon as the work is finished.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Costs

All the services we provide, including those related to sewage treatment plants, are competitively priced. We will do everything we can to match or beat the prices you’ve been quoted elsewhere. For sewage treatment plant installations, this might mean first getting quotes from teams of installers offering like-for-like work. If their installations, maintenance, and cleaning practices are cheaper than ours, we will aim to offer the same services at the same price.

The cost of an installation may vary depending on the amount of work required, but our provided estimates will be correct in the majority of cases. We also ensure that our invoices are kept transparent, meaning you will always know exactly what you are paying for.

Get a System Upgrade for Free

Replace your old, damaged septic tank with a brand-new, cost-free sewage treatment plant. We handle the entire installation process, ensuring a seamless transition. Your insurers cover all costs, saving you thousands of pounds. Take the first step today by calling us to learn more.

Install a Sewage Treatment Plant with Us

To work with a reliable, experienced team of professionals on a new sewage treatment plant installation, contact BlockBusters today. Our staff will be glad to talk about your specifications and carry out the work that’s necessary to get your drains flowing as they should.

They will also ensure minimal disruption to your day, leaving your property looking exactly as it was once the work has been completed. Contact us now to start the process.

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