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When buying a new home it is important to think about drains. It’s not very exciting, but it’s important to include a CCTV drain survey alongside other surveys of your new home. Standard house surveys don’t tend to include this, but if you don’t check the drainage system checked you could very easily end up buying a home with a multitude of hidden problems, which you will then have to pay to fix.

Low cost CCTV Drain Survey

With a CCTV drain survey one of our team of drainage experts will feed a camera through the drainage network on your new property, checking the integrity of the drains without the need for messy excavation work.

A dvd of the survey can then be created for you, alongside a survey report which will detail our findings.

If we do discover any potential problems we will provide a free, no obligation quote for repairs – you can either pass this on to the current owner of the property so that they may carry out the necessary work, or agree to deduct this figure from the purchase cost of the house.

Our CCTV drain survey will have already identified exactly where and what the problem is, so any repair work will be considerably easier than finding out the hard way that there is a drainage problem with a burst pipe or blocked drain.

Drain survey special offer

Here at BlockBusters we understand that buying a home is already costly and stressful, and nobody wants to pay a fortune for drainage work on top of everything else. This is why we have a special offer for home buyers in the BN and RH post codes.

House Buyers can now book a full CCTV drain survey from BlockBusters for just £95+VAT.

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