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Septic Tank Hampshire – Emptying, Installation & Maintenance Covered 

BlockBusters offer all essential services relating to septic tanks in Hampshire. With over 20 years experience in the drainage industry, our team has the required knowledge and technology to efficiently carry-out all septic tank services required to ensure your tank is working correctly and adhering to the general binding rules.

Your septic tank in Hampshire will benefit from the following essential services:

  • Attend emergency call-outs
  • Repair septic tanks
  • Empty septic tanks
  • Clean septic tanks
  • Or install brand new septic tanks in Hampshire

Septic tanks in Hampshire require servicing from drainage engineers – by no means should you attempt to service, empty or install a septic tank. This is because septic tanks must follow codes and regulations that adhere to the UK’s GBR. Additionally, septic tanks harbour hazardous waste that can cause problems to your health. You should never attempt to empty a septic tank yourself, this is a task for our drainage engineers. 

For emptying, servicing and the installation of septic tanks in Hampshire get in touch with BlockBusters today.

Septic Tanks Hampshire

How often should my septic tank be emptied?

Septic tanks can build up sludge that settles at the bottom of the tank which can cause issues, so needs to be removed regularly.

If a septic tank becomes too full this can cause problems such as the plumbing and appliances within your property work less efficiently.

In terms of how often your septic tank should be emptied will depend on several factors such as:

  • The size of the tank
  • The number of people within the property
  • Your water usage
  • The tank’s age and general condition
  • So we recommend emptying your tank on a regular basis

What are the main septic tank regulations?

As defined by the Environment Agency, your septic tanks must meet the following guidelines: 

  • No foul water must discharge into ground surface 
  • Your septic tank must be installed with a T pipe to avoid sewer contamination
  • If a public sewer is within 30 metres of the property and the existing septic tank does not comply, the drainage must be diverted to the sewer system
  • Your septic tank must be registered with the Environment Agency
  • If any damage is present on your septic tank, a new one may be required
  • Your septic tank must be installed within a 30m radius of a hard-standing area

Our Main Septic Tank Hampshire Services

Below are our main services relating to your septic tank in Hampshire:

Septic Tank Servicing & Maintenance in Hampshire

It’s strongly recommended that you get your septic tank in Hampshire serviced by BlockBusters at least every three years to ensure it’s safe and remains compliant with the GBR. If you do not do this, you may have to pay around £5,000 – £7,000 for a new tank (price includes labour) if your old tank has become damaged and needs replacing. 

You can expect us to carry out the following services to your septic tank:

  • Responsible septic tank pumping
  • Water jetting
  • Employing bacterial additives 
  • Installing an effluent filter (if yours is not working properly)
Septic tank Hampshire
BlockBusters can replace your old septic tank with ease and do so with as little disruption as possible

Septic Tank Emptying in Hampshire 

Your septic tank will need to be emptied once a year – sometimes more depending on the size of your house (how many occupants are living there). Contact our septic tank engineers in Hampshire to find out how often your septic tank should be emptied. It’s worth noting that under no circumstances should you undertake any septic tank maintenance yourself as this can pose a risk to your health and safety. 

If you’re unsure of when you should have your septic tank emptied, take a look at some of the common signs below:

  • Your appliances (including toilets, showers and washing machines) are draining slowly
  • You notice pooling water around the tank and drain field
  • Bad smells emanating from your septic tank
  • Sewer has spilled over onto your land
  • You have not had your septic tank emptied in over a year

If any of the above relates to your septic tank in Hampshire, contact BlockBusters today.

Septic Tank Installations in Hampshire

If you need a new septic tank because you’ve moved to a new property or your previous septic tank is in need of replacing, this is something we can help with.  For septic tank installation in Hampshire, we will need to address the following:

  • The size of the tank itself
  • The ground conditions where it’s being installed
  • The access to the site
  • The size of the drainage field required to suit the tank

The cost for carrying out the provision and installation of a new septic tank in Hampshire can cost between £4,000 to £7,000 depending on the above.

What happens if my septic tank doesn’t comply?

Enforcement notices will be issued by the Environment Agency which can result in fines up to £150,000.

Full details can be found on the government website or give us a call on 0800 136 658 to discuss any concerns you may have.

Septic Tanks Hampshire
The inner workings of a septic tank can be complex and over time can deteriorate

Get in Touch for Septic Tank Services in Hampshire

Whether you’re looking for septic tank installation, maintenance or emptying, our engineers at BlockBusters are able to offer solutions to both domestic and commercial properties. We offer 24-hour emergency services if you are suffering with a sewage overflow or other severe problem relating to your septic tank.Call us now or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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