Prevent Drainage Failure in Croydon With Septic Tank Installation

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Cracked, faulty tanks can flood family homes with hazardous sewage, that fouls properties with a terrible stench and pests. For over 30 years, BlockBusters veterans have proven expertise in tackling urgent septic disasters across Southeast England and handling worst-case catastrophe scenarios. We provide 24/7 rapid response with advanced diagnostics to accurately assess tank issues early. Don’t wait for total system failure: Contact BlockbBusters now to inspect your ageing system for potentially catastrophic faults.

Free Upgrades for Septic Tanks

Problem with your septic tank? Get it upgraded to a sewage treatment system – all for free! It’s covered by insurers and can save you thousands, so contact us to find out more.

The Dangers of Failing Septic Tanks

Failing septic tanks put your Croydon home at serious risk of:

  • Raw Sewage Backups – Leaky, cracked tanks flood properties with foul-smelling wastewater laden with hazardous bacteria.
  • Extensive Home Damage – Uncontained sewage can erode foundations and collapse structural elements like floors.
  • Pest and Vermin Infestations – Faulty tanks attract flies, cockroaches, rats and other disease-carrying pests through subsurface tunnels.
  • Groundwater Contamination – Leaking waste seeps into aquifers and wells, spreading pathogens into drinking water.
  • Exorbitant Repair Costs – Replacing entire drain fields or structural remediation from sewage damage can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

6 Warning Signs Your Septic Tank Is About to Fail

  1. Wet, Spongy Soil – If lush or soggy patches appear around your tank or drainage field, leaking wastewater likely nears the surface, signalling future backflows into your property.
  1. Persistent Plumbing Backups – Slow drainage in toilets or bathtubs transforms into complete backups as pipe blockages grow more severe in failing systems.
  1. Powerful Rotten-Egg Scent – If a pervasive stench of sulfur or ammonia surrounds your yard, tank leakage spreads bacterial contamination outdoors, threatening indoor living spaces next.
  1. Visible Surface Puddles – Puddles appearing downhill from your septic field or tank show dangerously overloaded evacuation capacity.
  1. Swarming Pests – Flies, insects, rats and other pests infesting basement vents or yard drains get attracted by the nutrients in septic leakage.
  1. Tank Alarm Activation – Sophisticated septic system sensors provide warnings if any pre-set wastewater threshold gets crossed as structural integrity declines.

How We Solve Septic Tank Failure

Our Around-The-Clock Emergency Response

When catastrophe strikes your septic tank, don’t panic – BlockBusters provides prompt, 24/7 emergency repair services. Our veteran specialists rapidly reach rural Croydon homes, accurately diagnosing issues for immediate remediation before flooding and contamination take hold.

Proactive Maintenance

Don’t wait until minor faults balloon into expensive failures – BlockBusters tailors maintenance plans inspecting the unique vulnerabilities of your home’s septic system twice annually. Our experts preempt issues through waste pumping, inlet/outlet clearing, leak detection, and condition reports forecasting necessary repairs.

Cutting-Edge Tools Operated by Seasoned Veterans

Leveraging modern high-precision CCTV cameras, industrial hydro jetters and vacuum trucks, BlockBusters rigorously trained experts have over 30 years of experience tackling failing septic tanks across Southeast England’s challenging rural regions. Our teams combine sheer expertise with advanced technology to deliver reliable solutions.

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Our Full Suit of Septic Tank Services

New Septic Tank Installation

When your home completely lacks drainage infrastructure, BlockBusters provides full-scale septic tank installation tailored to your household’s requirements. Our crews design and integrate specialised septic systems from excavation to backfilling with advanced natural filtration treatment plants.

Free Septic Tank Upgrades

Falling short of current British environmental regulations? Before fines, BlockBusters offers free septic tank upgrades to modern treatment plants through insurance coverage – saving homeowners thousands of pounds. We handle the full hassle-free claim process while expertly installing new eco-friendly systems tailored to your household’s drainage needs.

Preventative Septic Tank Repairs

BlockBusters handles urgent round-the-clock emergency repairs for back-ups or alarms along with twice-yearly preventative maintenance inspections. Any detected leaks or cracks get repaired immediately using quality components with workmanship warranties before rebuilding wastewater containment ability.

Replacement of Obsolete and Defective Systems

If your septic tank dates from before recent regulation changes or shows repeated functionality problems, full replacement better meets long-term needs. Our veteran specialists seamlessly exchange only required internal parts first, but replace entire external tanks with modern units if needed while preserving existing plumbing and drainage connections.

Bring Your Home’s Drainage Up to Current Standards

Leaving septic tank issues untreated can lead to sewage floods and wastewater contamination of your home and garden, ruining property value and endangering your health. Septic system maintenance from BlockBusters’ veteran specialists will keep problems contained early and affordably. We’ll proactively inspect for threats from your septic tank system. Contact our responsive team today to schedule an assessment, and gain total peace of mind for your drainage system.

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