Blocked Drain in Burgess Hill?

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Quick and Professional Drain Repair in Burgess Hill

If an emergency has happened and you’ve suddenly found yourself in need of fast, completely effective drain repair in Burgess Hill, contact BlockBusters right away. We’re ready to help wherever and however we’re needed, from specialist lining that closes up cracks in pipes to replacing old drains with new installations, to high-powered drain jetting that takes care of even the most stubbornly blocked drains.

Blocked Drain in Burgess Hill

We’ll even be ready to help save you time and money by diagnosing unknown problems before we start work, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t know what’s wrong with your system.

Our services even come with a great selection of benefits that you can use when you decide to book a service with us:

  • Advice and expertise from a team with 30 years’ experience
  • 24 hour support, 7 days a week
  • Emergency plumbing and drainage services when you need
  • No call-out charge or fees on quotes

Whether you’re interested in unblocking your drain, repairing it, or having it replaced entirely, we’ll be able to help. Our team can arrive at your location at a time that suits you best, and will carry out the work you need at a price that will always stay friendly to your budget.

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Choosing Us for Drain Repair in Burgess Hill

Drain service in Burgess Hill

When you get in touch with us over your broken or blocked drains in Burgess Hill, you’ll be taking a step towards the best and most efficient service for your system. This will be carried out by one of our reliable, dedicated drainage engineers, who will take the time needed to look for the problem crack or clog that’s causing your problem. From this, they’ll be able to come up with a solution to get it fixed.

If we should find that the problem is too far along your pipes to be seen from any drain opening, we may begin our work with a CCTV drain survey. This is the cleanest and least intrusive way of inspecting the inside of your pipes, and means we won’t have to excavate them to diagnose the issue.

All drain surveys will be carried out using a winch and cable with an attached camera, which will be lowered into your drains to take the accurate video footage we need. The images brought back to us will give us the clearest idea of what’s causing your drain problems, so we’ll be able to choose the best method for putting it right.

Other Services for Drain Problems in Burgess Hill

As well as drain repairs in Burgess Hill, we’re also fully prepared to provide a range of other services to cover blocked drains, fittings, and private systems. These include:

For Fast and Effective Drain Repair in Burgess Hill

If you’re currently experiencing drainage problems around your home or business in Burgess Hill, or even the wider West Sussex area, get in touch with BlockBusters and speak with one of our specialist drainage engineers today. We can be there whenever you need to carry out the emergency repairs and drain clearance work that will see your drainage system flowing just as it should.

Whether it’s tree roots causing cracks in your pipes, or blocked sinks or blocked toilets that are holding up the whole of your property, we’ll have the tools and skills needed to set it right. Don’t hesitate and wait to see if the problem gets better by itself, either; we can have it unblocked or repaired and give you peace of mind far sooner.


How long does drain relining last?

By having a drain relined, you’ll be ensuring that the section of repaired pipe is structurally sound and repaired for decades. This is because the lining should have durability spanning around 50 years, meaning you won’t have to worry about it again for a long time to come.

Am I responsible for broken or burst water mains?

You’ll only be responsible for making sure a drain or pipe is mended if the problem pipe is located within your property boundary. As water mains fall outside of this (they’re normally underneath the main road), you won’t be responsible for making sure they’re repaired. This is the job of your local water company, and you can find out which one you’re with online.

You’ll need to report any problems with your water main to your water company as soon as possible. This can be done on their website in a few minutes, and they should send someone out after this to inspect the main and carry out repair work as needed.

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We don’t often think about the drains in and around our homes until they become blocked and we need drain clearance services. Unfortunately, when we do have blocked drains the first time we think about our drains is in a potential emergency situation, with waste water backing up into our home or garden. Luckily we have a team of emergency plumbers on standby and ready to help.

We know that plumbing and drainage issues always happen at the most inconvenient time – mainly because there is no convenient time to have blocked drains! Our emergency 24-hour callout is only ever a phone call away and our local team of emergency plumbers will be on hand quickly to help with drain clearance and drain repairs.

We provide free, no obligation quotes for work, and pride ourselves on our estimates being correct in 99% of cases. We won’t sting you with hidden charges and will always be transparent and honest in our work and charging structure.

For blocked drains in Burgess Hill, call Blockbusters today on 0800 068 9282