Emergency Plumbers in Brighton

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For blocked drains or emergency plumbing in Brighton and Hove, BN1 and surrounding areas, BlockBusters can flush out the problem: 01273 634087

Emergency plumbers in Brighton

24-Hour Emergency Plumbers in Brighton & Hove

Our expert plumbers and drainage engineers operate across East Sussex and the surrounding areas, providing 24-hour support, 7 days a week, for faulty plumbing and drains. We work to deliver repairs, maintenance, and replacements on a huge variety of plumbing and drainage issues, big or small, to the 615,000+ people currently living in Brighton and Hove.

From burst pipes in commercial properties to faulty boilers at home, we are ready and waiting to sort the problem on the same day and get things running smoothly for you and your property. 

Do you need an emergency callout? Or maybe just a repair quote? We offer both, free of charge and with no obligation to follow through. So, why not get in touch with us today?

How Our Emergency Plumbers in Brighton & Hove Can Help You

The drains of Brighton and Hove are naturally more prone to flooding and damage due to both the proximity of the sea and harsher coastal weather conditions. The UK recorded over 1,000 millimetres of rainfall in 2021 alone and, as the climate crisis worsens, that number will continue to rise. We understand how important it is for the people of East Sussex to have access to top-tier emergency plumbing and drainage services, 24/7.

What is covered by our emergency services throughout Brighton and Hove? We can help you with:

  • Repairing faulty boilers or central heating
  • Fixing or replacing pipe sections that have been damaged
  • Preventing leaks by replacing collapsed drains and disjointed pipes
  • Unblocking drains and pipes caused by damage or fatbergs
  • The removal of tree root ingress for more efficient wastewater flow.
  • Solving problems with displaced joints caused by unstable groundwork
  • A huge number of other emergency plumbing, drainage, and heating issues
sewer cleaning service - worker clean a clogged drainage with hydro jetting

Long-Term Care From Our Emergency Plumbers in Brighton & Hove

It is no good installing a new drain or fixing an old one if they are not going to be properly looked after. The consequences of a faulty drain are heavy and can be complicated to repair, so it is important to care for your drainage systems in order to prevent lasting damage. 

We offer full drain maintenance and servicing for our customers in Brighton and Hove, granting you the peace of mind you deserve. Alongside our maintenance checks, we also offer CCTV drain survey checks, which allow us to get an up-close look at your drainage system and any possible cracks or signs of wear that could lead to serious damage – solving problems before they arise. 

What Brighton & Hove Residents Have to Say About Our Emergency Plumbing Services

‘Water suddenly poured from the tap although it was still turned off. Blockbusters said they would get there the same day and it could be anytime up to 8.00 pm. At 7.30 pm the plumber arrived and quickly and efficiently repaired the faulty tap. Excellent service.’

‘Curtis came to carry some work out today with my drains and was really polite and helpful. Couldn’t have been more helpful explaining what he was doing and overall really nice guy to have come out.’

‘The workman Sam was friendly and quick at the job. The price was reasonable and he did a thorough job as I have had that issue before. Would use them again.’

Get in Touch for 24-Hour Emergency Plumbers in Brighton & Hove

From leaking pipes to hot water loss, our experienced engineers are primed and ready to fix, repair, or replace broken plumbing or drainage systems across Brighton and Hove. Save money and time with free quotes and site visits and our 24-hour, same-day service.

Have you found a plumbing or drainage issue? Or are you worried there could be one you are unable to see? Get in touch with us now and we will get an emergency plumber to your Brighton property ASAP.

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