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Have You Got a Blocked Toilet in Brighton?

Blocked toilets are never a nice problem to deal with, especially if the problem has rendered all toilet fasciitis in your property unusable. Our plumbing engineers at BlockBusters provide fast and affordable toilet unblocking services in Brighton. 

We offer same day, immediate call-outs across Brighton and Hove to ensure a swift and efficient solution. Whatever the nature of the blockage, our engineers come equipped to unblock toilets in Brighton. Some common blockages may include:

  • Flushing foreign objects down the toilet
  • Hair clogging in toilets, showers and sinks
  • Trees, leaves and root ingress problems
  • The collective build-up of soap scum, fats and other debris over time
  • Collapsed drains 

There’s no harm in By giving BlockBusters a call, we can have a plumbing engineer at your Brighton property on the same day. In addition, our engineers will also identify the cause of the blockage and provide expert advice on how to avoid the same problem happening again. 

We service both domestic and residential properties. No matter how big the problem, BlockBusters can provide onsite fixes in no time at all. 

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Blocked toilet in Brighton

How to Fix a Blocked Toilet at Home

Some of our customers have tried removing the blockage with a plunger, and you could always try one of the many drain unblocking products available on the market these days which will use chemicals to break down the blockage. Some have had success using a wire coat hanger to try and unblock their toilet, and others have told us they’ve used a wet/dry vacuum to remove a blockage. 

While these methods have their uses, they will not be able to unblock stubborn blockages, or problems located further down the line. Trying to unblock using one of the above methods may cause the blockage to be pushed further down the line, causing more problems. 

What to Look Out for & When You Need a Specialist

If your water from your toilet is draining slowly, it’s likely there is a blockage causing this. You might notice the water rises higher than usual when flushing and does not drain quick enough. If a plunger does not fix this, then you may want to consider professional intervention through BlockBusters.

Emergency Solutions for all Blocked Toilets in Brighton

For customers looking for emergency plumber services in Brighton and Hove, BlockBusters offers same day services to take care of your drainage and plumbing problems. Do not leave blocked drains to fester, as this will only cause the blockage to grow and cause further damage to your pipes.

For any support, advice or onsite solutions regarding blocked drains or any drainage problems in Brighton and Hove, contact BlockBusters today.

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Blocked toilet in Brighton


Will a Toilet Unclog Itself?

The short answer, sometimes yes, sometimes no. To gain more clarity, you will need to be able to find out what caused the blockage and how big is it?

To find out what caused the clog and whether or not it will go away on its own, you need to identify whether it’s biodegradable or not. For example, if you have flushed a plastic toy down the toilet, it’s not going to biodegrade or disappear by itself. If you find it’s a collection of tissue paper, then you may have some luck with a plunger or a drain snake. 

However, some toilets are actually designed to make light work disposing of certain objects, so it’s worth taking a look at the model of toilet you have.

Next, you will need to assess how big the blockage is. If, when you flush, your toilet back up and then drains very slowly, you likely have a partial or minor blockage. Fortunately, this type of toilet blockage is relatively easy to alleviate. 

However, if you have a severe clog where the water does not drain at all, this is very likely a severe clog, and it won’t go away on its own. This is when you would need to contact us for our blocked toilet in Brighton services. 

What Happens if I Leave a Blocked Toilet?

While it might be tempting to simply leave the problem alone, this can actually cause more harm than good. The blockage and issue should be resolved urgently because the toilet may not unclog itself overnight and you may wake up to find your toilet is unusable. 

If you’re worried that the next flush could see your blocked toilet in Brighton overflowing, you should shut the flapper valve located at the back of the toilet. This will stop the dirty water from overflowing and help to drain some of the sitting water. Do not try and flush the toilet again after this, as this small temporary measure will not have fixed the blockage. 

What Can’t I Flush Down the Toilet?

The only item that should be entering your toilet is toilet paper. No foreign objects no matter how small they seem should be flushed down the toilet. It’s not uncommon for us to find blockages are caused by things like wet wipes, nappies, condoms, kitchen rolls and other foreign objects that may appear flushable, but cause severe blockages. The result of this is damaged pipes, bursts and messy overflowing and flooding.

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