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Frequent drainage issues in your Kent rental properties lead to angry tenants, health hazards, and lost income. These issues can destroy your hard-earned reputation as a landlord. BlockBusters eliminates PR nightmares from drainage problems by offering rapid response services to quickly restore proper functionality and reassure tenants.

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Angry Tenants Damage Your Image

As a landlord, blocked drains in your properties present far more than just an inconvenience. They pose a major risk to your reputation, especially if issues aren’t promptly resolved:

  • Complaints to Authorities: Upset tenants may file official complaints with local housing authorities, leaving a permanent stain on your record that deters future renters.
  • Loss of Reliability: If you fail to quickly fix issues, tenants will see you as unreliable and irresponsible. This erodes the trust that is crucial to your reputation as a landlord.
  • Bad Online Reviews: Angry tenants may post negative online reviews that harm your reputation and make it harder to find new tenants. Just a few bad reviews can undo years of building a strong reputation.
  • Social Media Attacks: Irate tenants may vent their frustrations on social media. These public posts can spread rapidly, creating lasting damage to your reputation.
  • Health Worries: Tenants experiencing illness from faulty drainage may hold you responsible and attack your reputation for providing unsafe housing conditions.
  • Loss of Loyal Renters: Long-term tenants who have enjoyed your properties may leave and urge friends/colleagues not to rent from you after experiencing problems.

How BlockBusters Prevents Reputation Damage

Rapid Emergency Response

BlockBusters provides 24/7 emergency drainage services. Our emergency team is available at all hours to address urgent situations and restore normalcy, ensuring landlords’ reputations remain intact.

Minimising Tenant Disruption & Direct Tenant Updates

Our rapid solutions, combined with repair documentation, provide tenants reassurance. Keeping tenants informed and minimising disruptions fosters trust and strengthens tenant-landlord relationships.

Proactive Maintenance & Property Damage Prevention

We proactively inspect and maintain drains to prevent blockages, potential pipe bursts, and water damage. Regular maintenance not only ensures smooth functioning but also protects landlords’ reputations and property integrity.

Price Transparency & Money-Saving Maintenance

We offer clear, upfront pricing without hidden fees. Regular maintenance and our expertise mean landlords benefit from significant savings over time, getting high-value services that prevent more expensive future issues.

Free Inspections & Expert Troubleshooting

Our no-obligation CCTV drain inspections help in identifying issues, and our skilled technicians provide lasting solutions. We focus on full problem resolution, showcasing a landlord’s commitment to quality housing.

Time-Consuming Issue Management

For landlords, especially those with multiple properties, managing drain repairs is time-consuming. We streamline this with dedicated account managers to coordinate services, taking logistical challenges off your plate.

Start Protecting Your Reputation as a Reliable Landlord in Kent

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As a landlord, you’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation that attracts loyal, long-term tenants. But blocked drains can quickly erode that hard-earned trust and goodwill by frustrating tenants and sparking damaging complaints. 

Don’t lose years of reputation-building to easily preventable drainage issues – contact the team today to schedule preventative drain maintenance and be ready to respond if problems arise. We’ll keep your tenants comfortable and your reputation intact.

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