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Don’t wait until a blocked drain causes flooded basements and water damage in your Kent home. BlockBusters’ rapid response teams can quickly unclog any drainage issue, day or night. When blocked drains are left unaddressed, you could come home to the putrid smell of sewage and find your basement flooded with backed-up wastewater that’s soaking into walls and ruining your belongings.

With state-of-the-art water jetting equipment and decades of experience, BlockBusters’ engineers can solve any difficult drain blockage in no time. Book an appointment and stop a small clog from becoming a huge, expensive repair. 

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Don’t Let Blocked Drains Destroy Your Home

Blocked drains can turn from a nuisance into a nightmare if clogs are left blocked. Backed-up sewage and stormwater will find the lowest point to settle – often your basement or crawlspace. Flooding quickly damages walls, warps wooden structures, ruins possessions, and promotes mould growth. Your home’s value plummets.

Clearing such a mess is enormously expensive, requiring extensive repairs, replacements, cleaning, and potential hotel stays during renovations. Don’t wait until you’re wading through sewage in your basement or throwing out your belongings that have been ruined by floodwaters.

Our Rapid Responses Prevent Flooding Disasters

BlockBusters provides complete drain solutions to stop small clogs from becoming major disasters. We use advanced cameras for inspection, hydrojetting for superior cleaning power, and trenchless lining technology for long-term drain repairs. Our experienced engineers solve blockages quickly on the first visit.

Outdated Systems in Kent

Our powerful hydrojetting can scour years of buildup from outdated clay or iron drain pipes to fully restore flow. We avoid the huge hassle and expense of full pipe replacement. For long-term prevention of backups, we also offer trenchless pipe relining to reinforce the integrity of degraded drains.

Odour Prevention

By thoroughly clearing any blockages before sewage can back up into your home, we stop the release of harmful and nauseating hydrogen sulfide gases. We can also treat your drains with deodorising products for an extra layer of odour prevention and freshness.

Eco-Friendly Sewer Upgrades

If your neighbourhood requires separating storm and sewer lines, we work closely with local authorities to ensure your property makes proper connections that meet all code requirements. This avoids any contamination or discharge fines from upgrades to separate drainage systems.

Tree Roots

We utilise advanced cable machines and mechanical cutting tools to clear even the most intrusive tree roots that have cracked and invaded your drains. For really stubborn root regrowth issues, we recommend trenchless CIPP relining to essentially create a new smooth pipe inside the old one that roots can’t penetrate.

Clay Soil

High-pressure water jetting is ideal for blasting through the dense, compacted clay soil around drains that restricts flow and contributes to blockages. We also advise perimeter drainage systems and sump pumps to divert water away from foundations and basements prone to flooding in clay-heavy areas.

Why Our Comprehensive Services Are a Cut Above the Rest

We offer a complete suite of drainage solutions tailored to your unique needs, from high-powered hydrojetting to dislodge even the toughest blockages to trenchless drain relining for long-term prevention of recurring issues. If it involves your home’s drains or sewer lines, BlockBusters can handle it.

24/7 Emergency Service

With our round-the-clock availability and rapid response teams, BlockBusters can arrive at your home anytime day or night to address a blocked drain before flooding and sewage back-up leads to disastrous property damage. We know that clog emergencies don’t just happen during business hours, so we’re always ready for immediate dispatch.

Decades of Specialised Expertise

Our seasoned plumbers and drain technicians have state-of-the-art equipment and specialised expertise in all types of drain cleaning and repair. After thoroughly inspecting your issues with video cameras, you can trust our crews to use the ideal jetting or rodding tools to solve any drainage problem completely and correctly the first time.

Established Local Presence

With multiple locations across Kent, our local teams provide fast, personalised service. We know the region and soil conditions well. Our short dispatch times can mean the difference between minor cleansing and major home flooding when minutes matter.

Cutting-Edge Technology

From CCTV drain inspection to advanced hydrojetting and vacuum excavation, BlockBusters invests in the latest technology to thoroughly clean drains, remove root invasions, and identify any underlying issues to prevent future blockages before they cause flooding havoc and damage on your property.

Satisfaction Guarantee

BlockBusters’ excellent reputation is built on customer satisfaction. We work efficiently with care to solve drain problems completely before small issues escalate into huge problems. Your drainage is our top priority.

Don’t Wait Until Blocked Drains Damage Your Home

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When a drain blockage strikes your Kent home, time is of the essence. The faster you call in BlockBusters’ expertise, the sooner we can solve your clog before it becomes a sewage backflow disaster. Our rapid response teams are fully equipped to inspect, jet clean, and restore full drainage on the first visit.

Don’t gamble on quick fixes or hope the problem resolves itself. Contact the team and protect your home’s foundations, walls, and valuables from preventable flooding. Call BlockBusters now at 0800 098 4696 for same-day emergency drain service.

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