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The stress and expense of coming home to a flooded home or garden due to a blocked drain can be avoided with BlockBusters’ promise of fast, reliable drain unblocking services. Over 20 years as drainage specialists serving Kent with 24/7 emergency response and high-tech jetting equipment means that we clear clogs quickly, and make sure they don’t come back. Don’t wait for a drain disaster, take action now.

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How Blocked Drains Can Flood Your Home

Blocked drains are a common issue for Kent homeowners. When pipes become clogged with grease, tree roots, or other debris, water and sewage get backed up. This in turn causes messy, foul-smelling flooding inside houses, gardens, basements and on streets. Walls, floors, furniture, cherished possessions and more become damaged by the contaminants.

Families face huge bills for remediation, replacement and repairs. It disrupts daily life and poses health hazards like mould growth. Outside, stagnant water from blocked storm drains breeds mosquitos and pollution. Plus you risk fines for any untreated discharges. Don’t wait until you have a blocked drain emergency.

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How BlockBusters Stops Flooding Fast

At BlockBusters, we know that a blocked drain is more than just a nuisance—it can turn into a flooding disaster. That’s why we offer comprehensive drain services to prevent backups before they occur.

Our team is available 24/7 to quickly clear any residential or commercial drain blockage that threatens overflow. We utilise state-of-the-art high-pressure jetting and vacuum technology to remove thick roots, grease, and years of buildup. Any flood risk is mitigated fast.

We also provide CCTV drain inspections to pinpoint issues and regular maintenance to stop future clogs. Affordable drain repairs, relining, and installations round out our services.

Dealing With Outdated Systems

Kent homes often have old, deteriorating drainage prone to leaks and blockages that lead to water seeping into foundations or outright flooding. Full replacement of these antiquated pipes is highly disruptive to walls, floors and landscaping, not to mention expensive.

BlockBusters offers a cost-effective trenchless pipe relining solution that seals cracks and updates your system to prevent leaks and flooding without the mess and expense of completely new plumbing. We also provide targeted spot repairs of problem areas to stop leaks before they threaten damage.

Stopping Sewage Odours

A blocked drain will quickly create a backup of sewage and the unbearable rotten-egg odour of hydrogen sulfide gas permeating your home. BlockBusters has camera inspection equipment to promptly locate the source of any clog or leakage in your system.

We rapidly clear any built-up debris before sewage overflows or noxious gases can damage your home’s walls and furnishings. Our preventive drain maintenance service also keeps your pipes clear and flowing to avoid any future buildup and unpleasant odours, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

Adhering to Environmental Regulations

For homeowners, rules around proper drainage connections, oil and fat disposal, and sewer line upgrades can be confusing and burdensome. Failure to meet environmental regulations could mean leaky pipes or contaminated overflows resulting in fines. BlockBusters keeps up-to-date on all the latest standards to ensure your drains are fully compliant.

We handle any permitting, inspections, and documentation required to install or upgrade your septic system, replace sewer lines, or construct proper grease traps. Our experts navigate the red tape seamlessly so you avoid any leaks, spills or contamination.

24/7 Emergency Service

We understand flooding and drainage issues arise at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s late at night, early morning or a holiday, our dedicated technicians are always available to be onsite within hours to prevent further damage from a leak or backup.

Why We’re the Trusted Blocked Drain Professionals in Kent

Specialist Expertise

Our team of specialists focuses solely on drainage systems. They’ve spent decades understanding the intricacies of pipe materials, blockage causes, soil conditions, and all other factors impacting water flow. This expertise allows BlockBusters to accurately diagnose issues and implement the optimal solutions to reliably prevent flooding or contamination of your home or business.

Local Presence

With local offices across the South East, BlockBusters can promptly dispatch our technicians to reach your location fast when flooding is imminent. Our teams are familiar with Kent’s soil types, codes, flood zones, and other region-specific nuances that inform our repair approach. We offer personalised service from experts in your neighbourhood.

Modern Technology

BlockBusters invests in advanced camera inspection gear and high-powered jetting equipment for superior drainage service. Our technology allows us to thoroughly evaluate your system’s weak spots and employ targeted hydraulic force to clear even the most severe blockages quickly before flooding results.

See Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

Our commitment to prompt, reliable service is validated by numerous positive customer reviews. BlockBusters prioritises leaving each client 100% satisfied with their service experience and outcomes. We refuse to rest until your drainage issue is resolved and your property is protected from all leaks, backups and flooding damage.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Solve Your Blocked Drains

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Left unchecked, a small drain clog can quickly escalate into a major backup, flood, and very costly home damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late – be proactive. BlockBusters offers prompt, professional drainage solutions to stop small problems before they become flooding disasters. Our experts can maintain and optimise your entire system. Contact the team for affordable, guaranteed drain services from an experienced local company you can trust, or pick up the phone and call BlockBusters now at 0800 098 4696.

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