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Do you have a blocked drain disrupting life at home in Kent? Our local engineers are expert at getting your blocked drains cleared fast using state-of-the-art jetting equipment. Return your home to normal function without foul odours or backed-up water. 

BlockBusters can quickly and affordably unblock any blocked drain. Don’t tolerate disruption for another day – contact BlockBusters now for guaranteed results clearing blocked drains Kent-wide.

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Blocked Drains Do More Than Just Disrupt

Blocked drains are all too common across Kent homes and cause considerable disruption to daily life. Tree roots, grease build-up, and overloaded pipes often lead to frustrating clogs and backups. Slow drainage prevents you from using sinks or flushing toilets normally. Full blockages can cause foul odours, flooding, and sewage backups – disrupting your home’s comfort and cleanliness. Clearing these disruptive drain blockages yourself risks further damage if done improperly.

Odour Problems

Nothing disrupts comfort like the rotten egg smell from blocked drains. BlockBusters’ rapid response eliminates backups and clears blockages before stinking hydrogen sulfide gas permeates your home. Our treatments leave pipes fresh and odour-free.

Older Homes

Outdated drainage systems common in Kent homes easily become blocked, leading to major disruption. BlockBusters’ high-powered jetting can clear clogs in ageing pipes without a costly full replacement. CCTV inspection allows precise targeting of issues for repairs. This prevents the disruption of digging up your property unnecessarily.

Environmental Regulations

BlockBusters helps homeowners avoid fines and disruption stemming from improper drain connections and disposal violations. Our technicians install the proper pretreatment equipment to comply with regulations.

Tree Root Intrusion

BlockBusters is experienced at clearing tough root blockages with high-powered water jetting to restore drainage flow. For severe cases, we may use mechanical rodding or excavation. Our maintenance service helps reduce regrowth and future disruption.

Heavy Clay Soils

The heavy clay in Kent prevents wastewater permeation and straining systems. BlockBusters installs drains, sump pumps and other solutions to prevent flooding or backups from poor drainage in clay soil.

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How BlockBusters Ends Drain Disruption

BlockBusters’ team of drainage experts can promptly resolve any blocked drain issue and eliminate disruption in your home. Using state-of-the-art high-pressure water jetting and modern CCTV pipe inspection equipment, we can quickly locate blockages and get your drains flowing freely again. With experience across residential properties, guaranteed results, and affordable pricing, BlockBusters is the smart choice to stop annoying drain disruption in its tracks

Our Services

BlockBusters provides a complete suite of services to quickly get your blocked drains and home back to normal with no disruption:

  • Drain Unblocking – Our high-powered water jetting clears even the toughest blockages for smooth drainage.
  • CCTV Inspections – Pinpoint drain issues precisely for permanent solutions.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – Day or night help for urgent blocked drain situations.
  • Drain Repairs – Fix any cracks, breaks or root damage in pipes.
  • Drain Maintenance – Prevent future disruption through regular drain check-ups.

With expertise across residential and commercial drainage systems, BlockBusters can accurately diagnose any issue and restore normal function promptly.

The Benefits of BlockBusters

24/7 Emergency Service

Customers never have to panic when disruption strikes at night, on weekends or holidays. Round-the-clock service means help is only a quick call away, any time of day. BlockBusters’ prompt assistance during urgent situations allows you to get your home back to normal fast.

Specialist Expertise

With a team boasting decades of experience across all drainage systems, BlockBusters provides high-quality solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Our specialists accurately diagnose issues to restore function quickly.

Comprehensive Services

BlockBusters offers a full suite of drain services to quickly eliminate any disruption or problems. From high-powered jetting for basic unblocking to detailed drain repairs, our comprehensive offerings tackle issues completely. CCTV pipe inspection locates hidden blockages, while regular maintenance prevents future disruption. By providing complete drain care, we can resolve current issues and prevent their disruptive recurrence.

Local Presence

With offices and technicians across Kent and the Southeast, BlockBusters can promptly dispatch experienced teams familiar with local drainage issues. Our dense area coverage enables fast response times, unlike franchises with scattered technicians. Local knowledge helps BlockBusters accurately assess issues stemming from regional soil, home age and other factors.

Modern Technology

Using state-of-the-art water jetting, camera inspection, and scanning equipment, BlockBusters can pinpoint and clear blockages for smooth drainage and no disruption. High-powered water jetting clears even severe blockages for restored drainage. Meanwhile, crystal-clear camera footage pinpoints issues for precision repairs.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Numerous positive reviews showcase our continued commitment to excellent service in promptly restoring normal function when blocked drains are disrupting homes and businesses.

Stop Drain Disruption Today

Don’t spend another day putting up with blocked drains disrupting your home. As the South East’s premier drain specialists, BlockBusters has the experience, technology and services to promptly resolve any drainage issue. We guarantee smooth-flowing drains and no more frustration from clogs, leaks or backups. Take advantage of our affordable drain unblocking services and 24/7 rapid response for urgent issues. 

Contact the team today on 0800 098 4696  to schedule a visit from our friendly technicians. We’ll assess your situation, provide an upfront quote, and have your blocked drains cleared in no time.

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