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If your home is struggling with blocked drains, backups, and other common plumbing issues, BlockBusters can help. We understand the high costs of upgrading old drainage systems and pipes in your home. BlockBusters offers a better solution: with over a decade of experience, our team of drainage specialists can efficiently clear blockages and repair your pipes using state-of-the-art, high-pressure water jetting.

Get in touch with BlockBusters today to schedule an affordable drain service in Kent without the need for expensive and disruptive full system upgrades.

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Stop Wasting Money on Short-Term Drain Fixes

Older homes across Kent often still rely on outdated and deteriorating drainage systems prone to blockages, backups, and leaks. Tree root intrusion through cracked pipes is a prevalent issue. Heavy clay soils also strain systems.

When drains back up, the results aren’t pretty – foul odours, flooded basements, and yard messes. You may be tempted to repeatedly pump out backed-up sewage or harshly snake clogged pipes, but these are short-term solutions.

Without addressing the root causes, obstructions will keep returning and pipes will continue eroding. Yet upgrading entire drainage systems or excavating for pipe repairs and replacements comes with massive costs and disruption to your home or business.

Save Money on Drain Repairs With Blockbusters

At BlockBusters, we utilise modern, non-invasive technology to clear blockages and repair your existing pipes without the need for full drainage upgrades. With our specialist expertise and advanced equipment, we can restore functionality to your plumbing and drainage systems. This avoids the massive costs of replacing entire systems.

Technician Plumber Using A Wrench To Repair A Water Pipe

How Our Comprehensive Services Minimise Expenses

Our extensive range of drain services allows us to take a targeted approach and only use as much intervention as necessary. We don’t believe in unnecessary expenses.

  • High-pressure hydrojetting clears even the toughest blockages and removes roots without pipes needing replacement
  • Pipelining seals cracks and reinforces eroding pipes from the inside so trenches don’t need digging.
  • CCTV drain inspections accurately identify issues so we know which solutions will be most effective.
  • Localised spot repairs and pipe segments can be replaced if fully upgrading pipes isn’t needed.

With all our services combined, we can resolve your specific drainage issues without wasting money. Our experts customise an approach using only essential services required for your situation.

Dealing With Outdated Systems

Many older Kent properties still rely on antiquated drainage systems prone to blockages and leaks. Full system replacement is hugely disruptive and costly. Our trenchless pipe lining can reinforce your pipes from the inside, avoiding excavation. High-pressure jetting clears debris buildup without replacing the pipes.

Eliminating Odours

Backed-up sewer gas from blockages makes enjoying your outdoor space miserable. Our quick drain cleaning clears obstructions and stops unpleasant odours at the source. We can also identify indoor venting issues and advise homeowners on proper disposal habits to prevent bad smells.

Meeting Environmental Regulations

Local sewer and drainage regulations can mean big costs for homeowners. Our experienced team in Kent stays current on all codes and requirements to handle any mandated upgrades or connections affordably. We also safely dispose of fats, oils, and debris to avoid violations.

The Benefits of BlockBusters

Our 24/7 Emergency Service

Our team is available 24/7 to provide urgent assistance when you need it most. Our 24/7 availability ensures quick response to drain issues before they escalate into bigger, costlier problems. Getting immediate assistance minimises damage and avoids expensive repairs down the road. We also never charge for call-outs, only charging for work actually done. You’ll never be surprised by extra fees with BlockBusters

Specialist Expertise

Our specialist training equips our engineers to accurately diagnose issues and implement targeted, cost-effective solutions. We continually invest in advanced training and education to equip our engineers with specialised expertise using the latest methods and technology. You pay only for the specific services needed – nothing more.

Local Presence

With a network of locations across the South East, we can promptly dispatch our engineers to homes in Kent and the surrounding areas. Our engineers’ familiarity with the area allows us to resolve drainage issues efficiently and cost-effectively. Local knowledge means accurate solutions and no money wasted.

Cutting-Edge Technology

From high-powered hydro jet drain cleaners to trenchless pipe lining, we utilise industry-leading equipment. This allows us to clear blockages, reinforce pipes, and conduct thorough drain inspections without the need for excavation or full system replacement, saving you huge costs. Our technology saves customers money.

Our Countless Satisfied Customers

Customers appreciate our honest, upfront pricing, expertise, and high-quality drain solutions, consistently praising our reasonable pricing and effective solutions that fix issues without expensive full-system replacements. We aim to deliver a positive experience that resolves plumbing issues and provides long-term remedies without breaking the bank.

Affordable Drain Solutions Tailored to You

Don’t waste another pound pumping out backed-up sewage or attempting short-term fixes on your home’s outdated pipes and drainage. At BlockBusters, our modern hydro jetting, pipe lining, local expertise and more can solve your specific plumbing issues without the massive costs and headaches of full system upgrades or replacements.

We provide long-term drainage remedies tailored to your needs so you can avoid throwing away money on repetitive repairs.  Contact the team today to schedule an affordable drain service that will finally stop the blockages and bad smells for good. Call 0800 098 4696 to get a free quote from our friendly team.

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