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Frequent drainage issues in your rental properties lead to angry tenants, health hazards, and lost income. But that’s not all: improper drainage can also lead to huge fines or lawsuits if you fail to comply with regulations. BlockBusters eliminates the legal risks from drainage problems with our team of experienced engineers in Kent, who offer rapid response services to quickly restore proper functionality and document all repairs. We are specialists in keeping your properties compliant.

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Local and National Regulations for Drainage

As a landlord, blocked drains in your properties present far more than just an inconvenience. They pose major risks and loss of income, especially if your property’s drainage system doesn’t meet regulation compliance.

Kent landlords must adhere to plumbing and drainage regulations at both local and national levels. For instance, national Building Regulations and local council drainage codes. If violations occur, landlords face disruptive interventions, improvement notices, and costly penalties of up to thousands of pounds. Staying on top of evolving compliance standards takes considerable time and effort.

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Why Landlords Benefit from Professional Services

  • Keep Up With Evolving Compliance Standards: Compliance standards change. Without expert guidance, you risk infractions from updated codes. Stay ahead of these shifts with BlockBusters’ knowledgeable team to avoid unexpected fines.
  • Ensure Proper Records: Lacking repair and compliance documentation exposes you to tenant complaints and penalties. To ensure smooth property sales and proof of adherence, we assist in maintaining crucial records.
  • Avoid Tenant Discontent: Blocked drains lead to sewage issues, bad odours, and unhygienic living conditions. Prompt solutions prevent tenant dissatisfaction, potential lease breaks, and loss of long-term occupants.
  • Prevent Health Hazards: Malfunctioning drainage can result in health risks from bacteria and pests. Negligence could lead to lawsuits, costing you financially and tarnishing your reputation.

BlockBusters’ Trusted Drainage Compliance Solutions

Prompt Emergency Response

Blocked drains often require urgent attention to avoid flooding, sewage backflows, and other hazards. Our team is available 24/7 to quickly respond to any emergency drainage issues that arise in your Kent rental properties. We’ll solve the immediate problem and thoroughly document it to keep your properties compliant.

CCTV Drain Surveys

We use state-of-the-art CCTV camera technology to conduct thorough drain surveys, identifying any underlying issues or risks before they cause compliance problems. These surveys provide visual proof of drainage system integrity while pinpointing any flaws.

Complete Drain Repairs

Our engineers undertake all necessary repairs, replacements, and upgrades to restore full drainage system functionality in your rental properties. We’ll ensure the drainage is optimised and code-compliant, keeping detailed records of all work completed.

Ongoing Maintenance

Prevent clogs, leaks, and other problems through our scheduled maintenance. Regular upkeep is crucial for compliance, so we’ll conduct thorough checks and clearing to stop small issues becoming major headaches.

Guidance and Reporting

We advise landlords on any required changes to keep properties compliant as regulations evolve. Our detailed documentation provides reports proving regulatory adherence, giving you peace of mind.

We Don’t Just Help With Compliance

At BlockBusters, we don’t just handle compliance. Our comprehensive services address every blocked drain challenge Kent landlords face, so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

Emergency Repairs

Sudden drain blockages often require urgent fixes to avoid flooding or sewage backflows. These emergency repairs strain budgets, especially for landlords with multiple properties. Our 24/7 emergency response services provide rapid fixes to get your properties back in working order.

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Time-Consuming Issues

From diagnosis to scheduling to overseeing repairs, drainage issues devour landlords’ valuable time. This headache is amplified for those managing many properties. Our dedicated account managers handle the time-draining logistics and coordination for you.

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Disrupted Tenants

Clogged drains disrupt tenants’ lives with unpleasant odours, health worries, and sanitation issues. Strained relationships or lost rent can result. We restore normalcy and provide documentation to reassure tenants the issues have been properly fixed.

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Stressful Emergencies

Blocked drains can lead to flooding emergencies at all hours. These stressful situations demand immediate expert attention to minimise damage and disruption. Our emergency response team is ready round the clock to take this burden off your shoulders.

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Finding Reliable Help

Locating an experienced 24/7 drainage service you can trust across Kent is challenging and risky if problems arise. We have proven specialists nearby who can rapidly respond.

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Preventative Measures

While preventative drain maintenance saves money long-term, planning and staying on top of it takes time many landlords lack. Our scheduled maintenance packages handle this crucial upkeep for you.

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Expensive Property Damage

If not addressed promptly, drain blockages lead to pipe bursts, water damage, and major repair bills – not to mention devalued properties. We move swiftly to make all necessary repairs and prevent expensive property damage.

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Keep Your Investment Compliant

Don’t risk fines, damage, and lost income from non-compliant drainage. BlockBusters offers Kent landlords reliable solutions to keep properties up to code. Contact the team today for a free quote on bringing your rental properties into full compliance. We make compliance easy, so you can focus on your business, not drainage disasters. Schedule an inspection now before issues arise and lead to costly consequences.

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