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Prevent expensive emergencies and property damage from blocked drains with our customisable maintenance plans. We’ll inspect, clean, and repair your Hove rental’s drainage before issues arise. Blockages can cause flooding or pipe bursts, disrupting your rental income and frustrating tenants. We can help you avoid this.

With over 25 years of serving the South East, our drain experts combine cutting-edge plumbing technology with local knowledge to proactively maintain your pipes. Get a free quote on tailored drain care packages for your Hove property by contacting us today.

Blocked Drains Can Be Prevented

As a Hove landlord, you likely understand the difficulties blocked drains and sewage backflows pose. Older, narrower pipes prevalent in Hove properties are prone to obstructions from grease, invasive tree roots, and accumulation of solid waste.

If your tenant contacts you about a rental flooded with sewage – causing legitimate distress to those affected – this requires a rapid response on your part. If you don’t respond accordingly, pipe pressure can build until walls and floorings are damaged, necessitating emergency repairs and renovation costs.

Even “small”, daily drainage issues like foul odours disrupt tenants’ reasonable expectations of clean, well-maintained residences. Not to mention contending with potential health violations from drainage issues on your properties. Repeatedly snaking clogged drains is not an effective long-term business strategy.

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Our Customisable Drain Maintenance Packages

At BlockBusters, we understand no two Hove rental properties are alike. That’s why we offer comprehensive drain maintenance plans that are customisable to the specific needs of your building.

First, our specialists thoroughly inspect your pipes using cutting-edge CCTV technology, identifying existing or potential drainage issues. Then we develop a tailored plan just for you.

We handle everything from routine power washing to biannual drain clearing, and in extreme cases, major pipe replacements in line with local drainage regulations. You’ll receive reminders when it’s time for your next maintenance check, so you can focus on your business knowing your drains are covered.

Other services include:

  • High-pressure hydro jetting to blast through serious clogs
  • Electrocuting tree roots infiltrating your pipes
  • Installing protective drain liners to reinforce ageing pipes
  • 24/7 rapid response from our emergency drain technicians
  • Sewage cleanup and eliminating nasty odours

We use the latest methods and gear to maintain your drainage proactively, which prevents expensive emergency plumbing repairs down the road. Just choose your preferred level of routine maintenance, on your schedule.

Budget-friendly Maintenance Plans

As an old city with an ageing infrastructure, Hove households require more frequent yet affordable drain care from specialists familiar with frequently clogging antique pipes. Our trusted local team satisfies those needs with premium service at competitive prices.

What Our Customers Have Said

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What Puts Our Services Above the Rest?

Save Thousands in Emergency Repairs

Proactive drain inspection, maintenance, and repair by our specialists prevent serious clogs from bursting pipes or flooding the property. This saves you from expensive, chaotic last-minute plumbing repairs and renovations.

Sustain Maximum Rental Revenue

Consistent drainage issues lead to frustrated tenants vacating units or decreased rental demand from negative word-of-mouth. Properly functioning, gunk-free plumbing keeps tenants happy in your properties and revenues high.

Avoid Expensive Violations

Improperly maintained drains risk failing health inspections, resulting in heavy fines from the council. Our regular certified drain upkeep ensures your rental’s drainage system meets all legal standards.

Add Value to Your Asset

Functional drainage and updated pipe infrastructure effectively enhance your rental property’s worth over time. Future buyers factor maintenance records and drainage investments into purchase offers.

Maintain Legal Compliance With Council Drainage Laws

Your Hove rental properties must comply with stringent drainage system regulations enforced by the council to uphold public health standards. Our specialists proactively ensure your pipes and workflows meet all required governmental codes.

Eco-Friendly Water Management

Hove values environmental stewardship. From bio-friendly pipe cleaning solutions to smart water conservation measures, our technicians implement various sustainable plumbing practices that satisfy green-conscious tenant expectations and conservation laws.

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Avoid Drain Disruption At Your Properties

Our customised preventative drain care packages proactively tend to your property’s needs so you can focus on big-picture business. With three decades of experience supporting Hove landlords, we combine friendly, prompt service with advanced methods for optimal drainage functionality.

Contact our drainage specialists today for a free quote on regular maintenance plans that reduce unexpected costs and maximise rental revenue. Call now to protect your property investments while we handle drainage systems from start to finish.

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