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BlockBusters offers 24/7 drain services to quickly clear any blocked drains in your properties, preventing major repair costs and keeping your tenants satisfied. You’ll never have to worry about a middle-of-the-night call from an upset tenant due to a backed-up sink or foul odours from a blocked drain. We handle it efficiently so you can rest easy.

With over 15 years of commercial drain expertise using the latest technology like high-pressure jetting and CCTV pipe inspections, BlockBusters can resolve drainage issues to ensure your properties stay compliant with health and safety laws. Don’t risk non-compliance fees or unhappy tenants. Contact our London drain specialists today for a fast response to any blocked drains or other drainage problems.

How Blocked Drains Can Violate Health Regulations

In London, leaky drainage pipes allow contamination of supply lines while also enabling vermin infestations that violate health regulations. Local authorities strictly enforce proper waste removal systems in rental units through extensive inspection regimes. As issues arise in ageing properties, it becomes the landlord’s responsibility to restore safe conditions. Our drainage specialists have years of experience designing robust solutions that withstand use from multiple tenants.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

Violations of health laws from substandard drainage can lead to substantial fines from London council inspectors. Tenants also reserve the right to file lawsuits if the living conditions in your properties are deemed structurally hazardous or promote unhygienic environments from faulty plumbing. By not actively resolving any drainage issues or leaks, you open yourself up to major income losses from fines and legal fees.

Clogged sink with dirty water
Clogged sink with dirty water in a bathroom.

How We Help You Stay Compliant

Rental properties in London must comply with safety regulations concerning hazards, fire risks, sanitation, and other standards that impact the livability of a unit. Faulty drainage systems promote mould growth due to leaks and moisture seepage while also enabling the spread of bacteria from blockages. By partnering with our drain specialists for ongoing maintenance, you can ensure any issues are promptly fixed.

24/7 Assistance for Urgent Issues

As a London landlord, dealing with backed-up sinks or toilets due to a blocked drain can be stressful, especially if tenants start filing complaints. BlockBusters provides prompt 24/7 emergency assistance no matter when issues arise. Our high-powered jetting equipment can dissolve even the toughest blockages while remote video pipe inspections accurately identify problem locations. We restore full functionality promptly, so you avoid major repair costs down the line.

Advanced Maintenance Procedures

Instead of just responding to emergencies, our specialists also provide scheduled maintenance services to prevent problems before they start. High-pressure jetting physically removes any grime buildup or debris inside pipes through forceful blasting. Regular cleanings ensure your entire drainage system runs smoothly long-term by stopping accumulations that can impede drainage flow. It’s a proven way to extend the operational lifespans of ageing pipe structures as well.

Precise Drainage Check-Ups

Thorough CCTV inspections by our specialists allow accurate assessments of commercial drainage systems in rental properties. This preventative approach identifies leaks, cracks or breaches needing repair before catastrophic pipe failures happen. Reports certify functionality meets all council standards, providing supporting documents if tenants file complaints. Detailed video footage pinpoints existing or emerging faults for cost-effective early interventions.

Future-Proof Your Properties’ Plumbing

Beyond just clearing blockages, BlockBusters also offers structural drain repairs and refits. We patch pipe segments compromised by wear and tear while pipe linings reinforce damaged sections without costly replacement. For properties with higher tenant volumes, large-scale refits bolster interior load capacities. We even design fully customised solutions to eliminate weak points prone to failure. Proactive upgrades reduce long-term costs.

Proactive Drainage Management

Our London drain specialists provide actionable advice on preventative measures tailored to your specific rental properties. This helps minimise blockage risks in problem areas. We also offer maintenance checks at 3, 6 or 12-month intervals to preserve functionality. With us as your commercial drainage partner, issues get resolved promptly, guaranteeing happy tenants who renew leases.

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Blocked drains can lead to a cascade of problems, from repair expenditures to legal issues. Stop gambling with your income and tenants’ safety. BlockBusters offers customised solutions that keep your pipes clear and your properties compliant. Contact our friendly team today to schedule a walkthrough assessment of your drainage systems. Our solutions-focused approach aims to save you money while upholding safety.

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