World Plumbing Day 2016

World Plumbing Day

On the 11th March we’ll all have something to celebrate. Yes, it’s National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day, but far more importantly it’s also World Plumbing Day. Governments, businesses and schools the world over will be taking time to appreciate the way their water gets around. It’s certainly worth pausing for a moment to reflect on all the things this industry has made possible through the ages. Perhaps most thought provoking however, is the role it still plays in providing vital sanitation and environmental health.

Keeping our waterways properly maintained and protected goes hand in hand with securing community safety. The link between poor sanitation and epidemic health disasters is undeniable, and there’s no better time to be reminded of our responsibility to take care of this major infrastructure. Providing fresh, clean water for the world’s inhabitants is an ongoing struggle that an initiative like this can help to highlight.

This annual milestone is a chance for every nation to think about what improvements they might be able to make with a simple pipe. Governing bodies will use this day to talk about the policies that make use of this resource. Mass production, agriculture and construction are just some of the major fields where plumbing is an essential component. Educating the next generation is surely high on the list too, as creating the plumbers and drainage experts of the future will safeguard us against disease.

If nothing else, it’s certainly something to think about while you eat your oatmeal nut waffles.

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