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Blockbusters Contracts Ltd crews were recently involved in what turned out to be a rather uncomfortable project which simply started as a job to investigate a sewerage smell from the floor area. The staff at the Arundel Wetlands Centre called Blockbusters Contracts Limited to pinpoint and sort out the problem and when the problem was sourced it was found it was found to present a unique challenge. A sewer pipe within the basement structure had fractured causing a sewage spill contained within the under-floor raft structure that could leak out into the nature reserve if not handled correctly.

Arundel Wetlands Centre

On arrival at site the Blockbusters team set to work finding the source of the smell. What the team discovered was that a suspended drainage network running below the visitor centre main building of the Arundel Wetlands Centre had become displaced causing sewage to spill into approximately 750 m2 of the raft foundation on which the building was constructed. The problem with this, apart from the spill itself, was that this foundation raft was affected by the local water table which in turn connected to the wetland lake in which the various and often endangered species of ducks and wildlife lived. This meant that it became very urgent to not only contain the spillage but to remove it and repair the sewer system before any foul seepage could occur into the wetland habitat. It was also necessary to complete this task without exposing centre visitors to the foul sewage.

Commenting on the works for WWT Sue Payne facilities manager on the site said: “The centre is a registered charity and full operational hours are important to ensure the up keep of the building, and care for the wildlife. It was agreed that the spill could be contained with no risk to humans or wildlife and that the works would be carried out at night after closing to ensure the building and staff could continue to function. In the event we have been very pleased with the performance of the Blockbusters team and the results of the work they undertook.”

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