Why You Should Call a Drainage Expert for Your Blocked Drain

When a drain becomes blocked, it can be a real pain. Even a partial blockage can cause sinks in your home to drain slowly, and this partial blockage can quickly build up until pipes are completely blocked.

Here at BlockBusters we deal with this sort of thing every day. We know it can be tempting to try and deal with a blocked drainage pipe yourself, and there are lots of products on the market to help with this.  You might even find that you have some luck and your water begins to flow a little more freely for a while. Often when a customer calls BlockBusters to help with a blocked drain, they tell us they tried to resolve the issue themselves, and thought they had succeeded at first.

The problem is that by the time you begin to notice the sinks draining more slowly or other symptoms of a blocked drain, the problem has already been building up for a while. A blocked drain is rarely caused by one single thing creating a blockage, but rather a build-up of smaller things becoming stuck to the edges of the pipe over time.

Things like grease and soap scum can create a sticky build-up around the edge of a pipe, and then food particles, hair and anything else that goes down the drain will stick to this, slowly creating a blockage. After several days, weeks or even months you will notice that your sink is draining more slowly. At this point many people will buy a bottle of drain clearing chemicals and this can often seem to resolve the issue. The majority of the debris sticking to the pipe will be washed away, and you’ll think the blockage has gone.

Of course, with part of the original blockage left behind this just attracts more debris, causing another blockage a few days or weeks later.

If you do not get your pipes flushed through properly the first time, you run the risk of wasting a fortune on over-the-counter drain unblocking chemicals as you repeatedly try to tackle the issue yourself.  

As well as this, there is the possibility that your blocked drain is caused by something other than a build-up of debris. Underground pipes run the risk of infiltration from tree roots which can soon block the pipe or even cause the entire pipe to cave in. No amount of plunging or unblocking chemicals will resolve this!

When you call in BlockBusters to unblock your drains, we will use high pressure water jets to flush through your pipes, so that they are clean throughout. We can also use CCTV micro cameras to locate and diagnose exactly what the problem is. Calling an expert is the only way to ensure your drains are unblocked, and stay that way.

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