What Causes Blocked Drains in Sinks, Showers & Baths?

Bathroom Pipework

Blocked drains are normally caused by a build up of debris of some sort over a period of time, this also relates to blocked sinks, showers and baths. In a lot of cases if the drains are blocked it can be found that tree roots have found their way into the drains. A lot of drainage systems are still vitreous clay pipework laid by the Victorians and as such tiny cracks appear and roots from trees, bushes etc. love the moisture from these drains and as such eventually find their way into them to soak that moisture up. This in turn then leads to further cracked pipes and extensive blockages.These drains can be repaired in situ now using root cutting equipment which will then remove the roots and they can be relined and brought back to the original condition from the inside without any requirement for excavation. In some instances the drains are pitch fibre and again these can be re-rounded using our re-rounding equipment and then relined.

Straight forward blockages can be removed by rodding or using high pressure water jetting equipment which washes through the blockage and clears out the debris. Blocked sinks and toilets are normally cleared using suction pumps or electric eeling equipment which cut through the debris to clear the pipework.

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