Water Mains Leaks

southern waterSouthern Water have been given full permission by the Government to ‘compulsory fit’ water meters to all properties that it supplies water to in the South East of England. A number of other water companies are also seeking the same permission from the government as they believe they can reduce consumption by up to 10%.

Unfortunately when water meters are fitted these will show if you have a leak on your water main supply pipe which is your responsibility from your boundary right through to the internal stop cock. Once a meter is fitted you will be paying for the amount of water you use and as such it is advisable to get this leak fixed as soon as possible.  If the water company are aware of it they will also possibly put an enforcement notice on you to get the water pipe fixed as soon as possible as a leak will result in a waste of water.

These repairs or replacements if required of the water supply pipe can be very expensive but we offer a free Claims Handling Service with your insurance and we can handle the claim from beginning to end on the customer’s behalf.  The most it should ever cost the customer is their excess on their insurance policy.

If the claim is not handled correctly from the very beginning it could be rejected and it can be very, very difficult to reinstate.  We therefore strongly advise you to use a claims handling service when making a claim for a new water main or repairing a water main to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

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