Tips for Avoiding Blocked Drains


Every year we are called out to thousands of homes across the south east to help deal with their blocked drains. Having blocked drains can be a deeply unpleasant experience for anyone, and while we can usually unblock a drain quickly once we get there, prevention is always better than cure.

Three quarters of drain blockages are caused by things being put down the drains that don’t belong there. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid putting anything down the drain that could go into the bin.

Here are some simple things you can do to avoid having blocked drains:

Collect old cooking grease

Cooking fat is one of those things many people will often pour down the drain for convenience – but it often solidifies just a few feet into the drain and can quickly become a sticky lump that sticks to other debris in the drain. Instead, keep an old can on the side in your kitchen and use it to collect old cooking grease. Once full, dispose of it in your rubbish.

Never wash coffee grounds down the drains

Take the time to scoop them out either into the bin or onto the compost heap.

Invest in plug protectors for all sinks

Plug protectors can trap hair in the bath or shower and food scraps in the kitchen, stopping them from washing down the drains to cause blockages further along.

Pour hot water down the sink after each use

Pouring some hot water can help to ensure the oils from food products will run on down the drains rather than solidifying. It’s also worth emptying a freshly boiled kettle down your sink from time to time to keep things flowing smoothly.

Put some soda and vinegar down your drain

Put some bicarbonate of soda down your drain sometimes, and follow with some distilled vinegar and then a kettle of hot water. Bicarbonate of soda is a fantastic cleaning agent and also great for getting rid of bad smells. With the vinegar it will foam up to clean the inner surfaces of your pipes. Leave it for 30 minutes to really do its job before following with a kettle of hot water which will wash away anything that’s been cleaned off the pipes.

Over all, the best tip we can give you is this: just because something fits (or appears to fit) down your toilet or plughole doesn’t mean it belongs there! Keep it to liquids only, and put everything else in the bin! This alongside a regular cleaning schedule should help to keep your drains flowing freely.

Of course, if your drains do become clogged or blocked be sure to call BlockBusters for a fast and efficient service. We offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service and will be happy to help get your system running smoothly again.

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