Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pipes This Winter

When the temperature of the water in our pipes falls below 4°C, the water begins to freeze and expand. As water freezes it expands by up to 10%, putting over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch on the pipes holding it.

Unsurprisingly that often results in burst and leaking pipes. A burst drainage pipe can be a real nightmare with waste water flooding your property both inside and out.

Avoid having to deal with fozen pipes this winter by following these simple tips:

    • Regularly inspect all pipes, especially those directly outside your property as those are most likely to have problems. You can book a CCTV drain survey to ensure your drains are in good condition before the cold weather hits. With this we can spot not only existing holes but weak spots and cracks where a cold snap could cause a problem.
    • Insulate any pipes that are exposed. You can buy circular insulation from any DIY store, and it should be placed around any pipe that’s above the ground and ouside of your home. This can help to prevent temperatures inside the pipes from sinking too low.
    • Repair any leaks. If you’ve a pipe with a perpetual drip, don’t leave it over the winter; get it repaired now! Pipe repairs are easier when there’s only a tiny crack to repair and this can often be done with minimal disruption.
    • Keep your heating on at a low level throughout the winter. This will protect your pipes from getting too cold and is especially important if you’re going away for a couple of days; you don’t want to come home to water damage in your home!
    • Make sure your drain grates and covers are clear. When leaves begin to fall in autumn they can easily cover drain grates. As they begin to mulch they may also fall down into the drain and create a blockage there. Make a point of always clearing your drain grates whenever you see that leaves have fallen onto them, and this can help to avoid a nasty blockage later on.

The winter months are the coldest of the year and it’s important to protect our drains from damage during this time. If you have any concerns regarding your drains this winter, be sure to get in touch with BlockBusters.

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