Septic Tanks – all you need to know

Septic tanks are normally installed on drainage systems of rural properties where mains drainage to the local water company is not available. In many cases this is a simple old style cesspit which takes the sewage from properties and holds it until the cesspit is emptied using a tanker company. Very often the cesspits and septic tanks are no longer fit for purpose and they contaminate the ground around the property with sewage and it is often the case that customers don’t realise they have a problem until the system actually blocks up. Sometimes it is just the soakaway from the septic tank that is causing the problem and that is just a simple matter of excavating out the soakaway and installing a new soakaway system to modern standards, which would then lengthen the life of the septic tank.

Installing a new septic tank

Installing a new septic tank or sewage treatment plant or simply upgrading the existing septic tank can be very costly, but we have found on numerous cases that these costs can be covered by the buildings insurance policy but only provided the claim is handled correctly right from the very start. If the claim is handled incorrectly then the claim will be repudiated in most cases and there may be no contribution from the insurance company whatsoever.

Blockbusters have numerous satisfied customers where their claim has been handled correctly from the very beginning and they have ended up with the insurance covering 100% of the cost (less the policy excess) for their septic tank or sewage treatment plant. This is normally a huge relief for the customer as these are the sorts of items in life that people don’t put money aside for. Blockbusters provide a free report and quotation and a free Mediation Service with the policy holders building insurance company to minimise all costs. This ensures that customers end up with either a repaired sewerage system or a whole new sewerage system installed, with the only cost being their policy excess.

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