How to Service a Saniflo System Effectively

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Saniflo units are a popular toilet solution because of their ease of installation and not requiring extensive plumbing works to install. Because of the unique macerator pumping system, Saniflo toilets have specific needs for servicing and maintenance.

Here, we take you through how to service a Saniflo yourself, covering essentials like:

  • How to clean your Saniflo with the right products
  • How to descale your Saniflo with the right products
  • Common Saniflo problems and how to avoid them

If you’re ever unsure of how to service your Saniflo safely and effectively, don’t hesitate to get a professional in. Our engineers are highly experienced and fully trained in Saniflo repairs, maintenance and replacement services. Just get in touch with our experts to get a reliable fix for your Saniflo every time, or just for some free advice.

What is a Saniflo Toilet and How Does It Work?

A Saniflo toilet looks just like a regular toilet, but works very differently. They do not need to be installed above the drainage line because they don’t rely on gravity for human waste removal. 

This is why Saniflo toilets are a popular and cost-effective toilet solution because they don’t need invasive plumbing work to be installed and can even be installed in basement rooms. 

The Saniflo uses an upflush system powered by electricity. Every unit uses a macerator with a blade in it that pulverises toilet paper and human waste.

Because of this unique way of working, Saniflo toilets have unique servicing needs. Rubber membrane parts mean that standard bleach or other toilet cleaners, including regular descaler products, can not be used on Saniflo toilets.

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How to Clean Your Saniflo Properly

What Happens if You Don’t Service or Use the Wrong Products on Your Saniflo?

Using the wrong products when cleaning your Saniflo toilet can lead to breakages and costly repair works. If you don’t clean your Saniflo at all, human waste and limescale can build up to prevent the system from switching on and off when it’s supposed to. You’ll also find bad smells will linger. It’s essential you know how to service a Saniflo.

How to Clean Your Saniflo  

You can easily source Saniflo-approved products that are specifically designed for cleaning these units. Look online or ask in your local DIY or home store. 

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to cleaning your Saniflo, once you have the correct product:

  1. Switch off power to the unit.
  2. Pour a measure of Saniflo cleaner into the toilet, following the package instructions.
  3. Flush the toilet.
  4. Leave the product to sit for 1-2 hours, enabling it to work.
  5. Switch the power back on.
  6. Allow the unit to pump out.
  7. Flush the toilet once more.

If you have an adaptable Saniflo macerator pump or have a unit from the Sanicompact range, you can use standard cleaner bleach to clean the toilet bowl of your Saniflo unit.

You should do this once a week. 

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How to Descale Your Saniflo Properly

The specially-formulated Saniflo Cleaner and Descaler product is produced by Saniflo themselves and is best suited to descaling your Saniflo. 

Once you’ve sourced the right Saniflo descaler product, the method for descaling your Saniflo is simple and very similar to cleaning it:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the power supply.
  2. Pour around 2.5 litres of the descaler into the toilet bowl – use more if you have a Sanipro or Saniplus toilet.
  3. Switch the macerator blade on for a few seconds so the descaler can fully enter the unit. 
  4. Switch it off again and let the products sit for around 2 hours. Don’t flush the toilet at all during this time. 
  5. After this, re-connect the Saniflo pump and flush the toilet once more.

Common Saniflo Problems

After years of experience fixing, servicing, and installing Saniflo toilets, we’ve learnt a lot about common Saniflo problems and how to fix them.

We’ve seen:

  • Blockages in the Saniflo macerator, in the pump and in the waste outlet pipe
  • Microswitch misfiring
  • Excess water filling the bowl
  • Build-ups of limescale and human waste
  • Worn or fault motors
  • Disintegrating rubber membranes
  • Foaming out of air vents

Sometimes the fix for a Saniflo issue can be as simple as removing the lid of the Saniflo and taking out the obstruction. Generally, though, we always recommend getting a professional in. Taking apart a Saniflo toilet is one thing, but putting it together again can easily go wrong. It is also, frankly, an unpleasant job due to the raw sewage element. 

To avoid damaging your Saniflo further and engaging in an unpleasant job, enlist our expert services by booking a Qualified Saniflo engineer. Whether you need a Saniflo installer or full repair works, we’ve got you covered. 

General Maintenance Tips For All Saniflo Toilets

To avoid the above problems, there are a number of preventative measures you can take that means you don’t have to service a Saniflo as frequently. 

Avoid these common Saniflo mistakes:

  • Too much toilet paper: As with standard toilet systems, Saniflo toilets can block and stop working effectively if you flush too much toilet paper down them.
  • Infrequent flushing: Saniflo toilets need to be flushed at least once per day, even if they haven’t been used, or the tank can deteriorate quickly.
  • Using a Saniflo during a power cut: A Saniflo toilet can not be used in a power cut due to its reliance on electricity. 
  • Not properly cleaning and descaling your Saniflo: Build-ups are bad for Saniflo toilets. Make sure you follow the above steps frequently in order to properly maintain your Saniflo toilet’s effectiveness.

Get a Professional Saniflo Service to Save Money in the Long Run

When it comes to servicing a Saniflo, getting a professional in could save you time and money. Saniflo problems can be tricky and unpleasant to deal with yourself, and the risk of doing something wrong means you may end up spending more money on expensive repair work later down the line.

BlockBusters are Saniflo experts, working quickly and effectively to service your Saniflo and ensure its proper maintenance. We can repair, replace, remove and install Saniflo toilets in commercial and domestic properties. Our work is thorough and our prices competitive. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with all your Saniflo toilet needs.

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