What Can I Use to Clean a Saniflo Toilet?

What Can I Use to Clean a Saniflo Toilet?

Clean a Saniflo toilet

According to Saniflo, you are able to use your normal household bathroom products to clean or descale Saniflo units, however, the company does advise against using products that produce a high volume of foam. 

Agitation from the Saniflo macerator can cause foaming-producing products to interrupt the efficiency of the machine’s pump mechanism. Because of this, Saniflo does recommend its own brand of descaler to effectively clean the system, but other brands are suitable for cleaning.  

How to Clean a Saniflo Toilet in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Turn off the power to the Saniflo.
  2. Either with Saniflo brand descaler or a suitable similar brand of descaler, pour 2.5 litres of descaler down the toilet. If you have a Saniplus or Sanipro installed, we recommend pouring the whole 5 litres down the toilet as the macerator pumps and box in these systems are particularly large.
  3. After pouring the descaler, pour in the same literage of water as some descaler can get caught in the U-bend of the toilet.
  4. Leave the descaler in the Saniflo for a maximum of 2 hours as stated on the instructions. Leaving the solution in the system can cause further problems. Additionally, do not leave unattended or overnight.
  5. Once the 2 hours have concluded, return power back to the Saniflo. The macerator pumps will activate and pump out the descaler from the system.
  6. When the machine stops, flush the toilet to rinse out the Saniflo. Wait for the Saniflo to stop, then flush again to fully clear the system of any remaining descaler. 

If you don’t clean and descale your Saniflo toilet, they can give off unpleasant odours which will persist until it is cleaned. Because of this, we recommend cleaning your Saniflo with a descaler up to 4 times annually depending on the hardness of the water in your area.

Want to know how to clean a Saniflo toilet bowl? Please note that bleach, other toilet cleaning chemicals, or kettle descalers do not descale a Saniflo or any other macerator pump system. Using these products will only lead to damage to the internal rubber parts – causing shrinkage. 

The Saniflo descaler product is a phosphoric acid descaler which has been specially formulated for Saniflo systems and other macerator pumps. However, bleach is fine to clean a Saniflo toilet bowl with. 

If you need to clean your Saniflo system, ordinary toilet cleaners like toilet bleach, toilet duck, and many other toilet products sparingly. Just make sure to follow the instructions on these products, as they typically only require a maximum of 20 minutes to remove all traces of human waste or smells. Heavy and prolonged use of toilet cleaners in lieu of effective descalers will eventually shrink the internal rubber parts. 

Additionally, you should not use a product designed for unblocking drains if you believe that your Saniflo system is suffering from a blockage. This can cause damage to the machine, and render the problem worse than it was originally. If your system has developed a blockage, the manufacturer recommends getting in touch with engineers who are trained in Saniflo systems. 

Does your Saniflo system have a blockage? Contact Blockbusters today. 

What Can I Use to Clean a Saniflo Toilet? The Dos and Don’ts

Saniflo toilet systems are great for making your home’s water and energy usage more efficient. Designed for saving you money in the long run, they are designed to work just as well as a standard toilet. But can they be cleaned in the exact same way?

Here’s a list of the most important dos and don’ts that you need to know about using your Saniflo. 

Do: Choose the Right System

The first stage with the installation of a Saniflo system is to choose the right system for your needs. The product you choose will determine the type of installation, whether it is a single or multiple outlet systems, where the system will be located, like a bathroom or utility room, and what it’ll be used for, such as for a toilet, shower, or something else. 

The most popular Saniflo products include:

  • Saniflo
  • Saniplus
  • Sanivite
  • Sanicompact
  • Sanishower
  • Sanibest

Don’t: Flush Anything Other Than Waste and Toilet Paper

Like any other toilet system, Saniflo systems will develop a blockage if you’re flushing the wrong things. These items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sanitary towels
  • Tampons
  • Baby wipes
  • Toys
  • Food and other debris
  • Too much toilet paper

By ensuring you only allow human waste and toilet paper through the Saniflo system, you can protect your Saniflo macerator effectively. By flushing anything else into the system, you will inevitably cause a blockage – which can lead to easily avoidable repairs and unnecessary costs. 

Do: Keep Your Saniflo System Maintained by Professionals

Regular maintenance of your Saniflo system can lengthen its lifespan substantially. Expert contractors who are fully trained in Saniflo systems, such as the team at Blockbusters, can be hired to visit your property to carry out any routine maintenance and ensure your system is in perfect working condition. 

If your Saniflo system requires a part replacement, we will be able to order the part and fit it for you quickly and seamlessly. 

Don’t: Use Hot or Boiling Wash Cycles

If your Saniflo system is connected to a washing machine or dishwasher, steer clear of using the 90-degree wash cycle as this can cause overheating of the motor and for the machine to cut out mid cycle during emptying. Once it has cooled, the machine will restart, but it is best to avoid using these hot cycles where possible. 

Contact Blockbusters for Saniflo Services

If your Saniflo system has developed a blockage or any other kind of issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Blockbusters. Our engineers are fully trained in Saniflo systems, meaning that we can remedy the situation quickly and efficiently to get everything working as it should once again. 

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