Rat up a Drainpipe?!

Plague of rats invading homes after population explosion brought on through Covid 19 lull

The UK rat population has exploded in numbers this year, increasing exponentially after a lull in human activity due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Infestations in homes and businesses are becoming rife across the country, as the rat population becomes so big the rodents are violating our homes seeking somewhere to nest and breed. Making their way silently through the drainage system and emerging up through toilets in houses and businesses, leaving a trail of waste water and droppings from their drain activity into bathrooms and toilet areas.

Reports state that homeowners are finding rats sitting on top of toilet bowls or running throughout their homes as they look for somewhere to colonise. With the warmth and shelter of our homes and food source of kitchens an attractive incentive for rats to push through the pipes and up into our domain.

Booming rat population is causing infestations in homes and businesses as they look for shelter and breeding grounds

The UK has an estimated 120 million rats, which is growing by the day. As the weather turns colder, rats look for somewhere warm to escape the elements and our CCTV drain surveys are showcasing more and more evidence that rats are heading inside our properties.

Here’s some actual footage taken from one of our CCTV drain survey inspections, showing a rat coming up through the drainage system and pipes looking for somewhere to nest:

BlockBusters can install drainage valves to block rats entering our homes and businesses

To protect our homes and businesses from the rat intruders a non-return valve can be placed in the drainage system, which allows water and waste out, but nothing in and back up the pipe. Essentially capping the drain off to rodents (and floodwater for that matter), cutting off their access to the pipes.

Non-return valves can be fitted to most drainage systems with minimum disruption. Giving protection from rats and other rodents which may wander into the pipe system, as well as acting as a barrier from flood water or sewage backing up through the system.

BlockBusters Drainage and Plumbing Services can install a non-return valve to your drains (as well as provide a free CCTV drain survey to check for any defects or a chance of a rat infestation within the drain system) giving you peace of mind and reassurance.

For more information or to book contact BlockBusters (for free) on 0800 136 658 or email info@blockbusters.co.uk

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