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Pitch fibre drains systems were installed in the late 50’s, 60’s/early 70’s. They were a great new invention at the time because instead of big heavy clay drain pipes they were lightweight black bitumen pipes that could be installed quickly and easily and less labour intensive. Unfortunately pitch fibre drains didn’t stand the test of time and over a period they become delaminated and tend to start collapsing on themselves.

Thousands of miles of pitch fibre drains have been installed over the years but when it was realised there were problems the pipe material was changed over to a plastic drainage systems. A number of Building Insurance policies still cover these drainage systems repairs/renewals following an announcement by the Ombudsman. In a lot of instances this pipework can be re-rounded internally using hydraulic equipment and then relined to bring the drainage system back to 100% working order without the need for any excavation work.

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