Now is the Time To Clear Your Gutters & Drains

We are now in autumn working our way towards winter this is the time when all the leaves leave their hanging places to disperse on the ground around us.  Of course some of them don’t make it to the ground and actually get blown into gutters, drains and gullys which cause drain blockages.

Gutter Clearance

This in turn can cause gutters to overflow and water ends up dripping down the fascia boards or worse it runs down the side of the building which can end up causing damp problems or subsidence problems. All this can be prevented by having your gutters cleared on a regular basis after ‘leaf fall’, so maybe just once a year.

We can provide a gutter clearance service whether it is low level or high level, we use anything from an aqua vac system  through to access by ladders or tower scaffolds or a cherry pick.

In most cases the aqua vac system can carry out the work efficiently and effectively and as this is ground based there is no requirement for a scaffold so this complies well within health and safety as all staff are firmly on the ground and all the high level work is carried out by the vacuum system.

The vacuum system has a water jet system attached so it can wash through gutters after they have been cleaned out or to enable them to be cleaned more effectively and it also has a camera system onboard which confirms the job has been done effectively.

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