Macerator Toilet Problems

Are you having problems with your macerator toilet?

For all types of problems with a Saniflor toilet or a routine service, get in touch with BlockBusters. All of our engineers are fully trained and experienced in servicing adn repairing all models of Saniflo and Saniflo Plus.

How does a macerator toilet work?

A macerator toilet disposes of waste in a different way to a normal toilet. When you flush a macerator toilet the waste is moved into the macerator unit instead of going directly down the drain.  Once the waste level within the macerator unit reaches a certain level, a micro-switch is activated. A fast rotating blade reduces any solids to liquid. The liquid is then pumped to your usual waste pipe.

Why choose a macerator toilet?

A macerator toilet is often used in extensions or other places where there is no mains drainage pipe. With a macerator toilet you can install a toilet up to 150 feet from the main drainage pipe in a property.

What if a macerator toilet gets blocked?

Can you plunge a macerator toilet?

If you have a blockage with your Saniflo or macerator toilet it’s not as simple as using a plunger to unblock it. Using a plunger on a macerator toilet could damage the macerator system so if there is a blockage it will need to be taken apart and cleaned.

Is a macerator toilet environmentally friendly?

A macerator toilet uses a lot less water than a traditional toilet, and will usually last around fifty thousand flushes before any parts need to be replaced so it can be considered to be more environmentally friendly than a traditional toilet.

How can I get my macerator toilet repaired?

Here at BlockBusters we are plumbing and drainage experts servicing the South East of England. We can be on hand to help with all of your macerator toilet problems and questions.

With no call out fee or other hidden charges we can also offer flexible appointments to suit our customers busy schedules.

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