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Does your macerator toilet need to be serviced?

Macerator toilets are a great way to have a toilet in your home without direct access to your waste pipe Because macerator toilets don’t rely on being close to a mains drainage pipe they can be installed anywhere and are very versatile. A macerator toilet is a great addition to your home – but it will require regular servicing.

How does a macerator toilet work?

A macerator toilet looks just like any other toilet, but it works differently. Instead of flushing waste down a waste pipe, when you flush it moves the waste up into the macerator unit – this is why they are sometimes referred to as “upflush” toilets. In the macerator unit a rotating blade reduces all solid waste to a liquid effluent which is then flushed out to your mains drainage network. Because all waste is effectively liquified a macerator toilet doesn’t need the wide waste pipe of a normal toilet – this is what allows for these toilets to be placed further from your mains drainage.

How do I know if my macerator toilet needs to be serviced?

A macerator toilet will last for around 10-15 years, depending on usage – usually around 50,000 cycles. After this it will need to be replaced.

If you put the wrong substances down a macerator toilet it can jam or block the macerator system. You can’t use a plunger with a macerator toilet as this can cause further damage; it’s better to call a professional to deal with any problems with a macerator toilet.

Sometimes a macerator toilet will stop working because of limescale buildup. You should descale your macerator toilet regularly, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Bleach and normal descaler products can damage the rubber internal parts of the toilet which can cause problems. It’s important to descale your macerator toilet with a phosphoric based descaler specifically for macerator systems.

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